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    I just heard about this game yesterday I am really looking forward to playing it!! I am a big fan of the Railroad Tycoon series . That said, so far in all the concept art/screen shots/trailers I am seeing – I don’t see anything about a stock market. I love the stock market feature in Railroad Tycoon and wished they developed a commodity market as well. I think that this would greatly enhance the game from hostile takeovers and generating capital for track expansion to hedging against a decline in commodity prices. Since the Stock market didn’t come about until 1890 and the game starts in 1850, there would be about 40 years of  time to build track and generate profit. In 1890, the Stock Market would be unlocked.

    What I’ve got in mind is that the user can set the difficulty of the stock market once unlocked.


    •  IPO in 1890
    • Buy and sell stock
    •  Purchase and/or build local industries which produce goods
    • As technology advances, transportation companies from other industries listed on stock market (airplane, automobiles, etc) which the player can invest/takeover/etc.
    • Hostile take overs
    • Bankruptcy
    • Dividends
    • Loans
    • Credit rating


    • Including all above
    • Stock Margin trading (short sell, etc)
    • Buy and sell commodities for hedging (or speculation).
    • More advanced supply/demand structure


    • Including all above
    • Commodity margin trading
    • Stock Options
    • Corporate Subsidiaries/spin off
    • Player to Corporation loan ability
    • Monopoly available
    • Corner the Market available

    There could also be decisions in the game the player could make, such as:

    • Forced Labor – lowers happiness of population in town, but increases profit for corporation
    • Allow Unions – Increases happiness of population in  town, but decreases profit for corporation.
    • Run for office – Once the player has achieved a certain respect in a town, state, or country – they could run for office which opens up more opportunities. (ie: use  government regulatory powers to shut down competition)

    I think the possibilities are endless and I would love to see a complex economic and business game similar to the real world in the game.






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