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    How can you set-up working, profitable cargo train lines?

    Cargo transport with trucks is going OK with me but the trains seems almost never been used and does nit become profitable?!

    – can it be done early in the game?

    – do you connect resources to factories, factories to cities or both

    – if you connect both, do you use separate lines, or all in one (resource to factory to city, and back)

    – do you connect resources nearby to a factory or do you take some distance?

    – do you connect multiple resources to one factory? (I understand that coal and ore must be connected to a steel factory, this question is about multiple oil, or multiple ore …)

    – do you connect a factory to multiple cities?



    look for a production facility and factory that are reasonably close to each other, with a nearby town. then run a line to all  three and it should work right from the start of any game. try and choose a flat run, because the early trains are weak and more than 4 carriages will slow it down on the slightest of slope


    All the info you need was already provided before if only you searched properly here and on steam. Even so I am going to repeat the most crucial information you need:

    1. You will always have to connect a full chain Extractor -> Factory -> Town

    2. Production in this game is driven by demand. It means that if town demand 20 goods factory will only produce up to 20 goods and extractor connected to factory will only produce up to 20 resource.

    3. Whatever you transport it needs to reach the destination within 20 minutes

    4. Connecting multiple factories to one town or multiple extractors to one factory is a bad idea. They will compete with each other and hurt each other production.

    5. Connecting factory to multiple towns is on the other hand a good idea. The production at factory will go up to the sum of good demands of all connected towns. And production at resource extractor will raise accordingly.

    6. You should transport any cargo from as far as possible remembering that transportation time may not exceed 20 minutes.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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