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    It would be a great addition to the game if we could have dedicated light rail lines.

    This would include the ability to convert existing rail lines for dedicated light rail use, allowing connection to tram lines in the cities.  This would be a way of turning ‘no hope’ passenger rail lines into profitable light rail lines.   As we all know inter-city trams are very profitable.

    The feature would also enable the construction of new light rail routes. Steeper gradients would be allowed on lines constructed for light rail, thus reducing their cost.  This would avoid the need to run trams on roads to make inter-city tram tracks.

    Also another possibility would be ‘tram trains’ as pioneered in Germany.  These are able to run both on tram tracks and regular heavy rail lines.  They are always more expensive than regular trams.

    This would also enable US type interurban lines.


    You may have seen in another post that I referred to a similar setup where I had closed an unprofitable line and replaced it with ‘light rail’, with trams running on buslane enabled country roads. It works pretty well like that but to be able to have the transition from road tram tracks to proper rail lines just like in CIM2 would be cool. However, I doubt this is possible as the games core has roads and rail as separate items that can’t be merged, what could be done relatively easily though would be to introduce another road texture that looks like a normal rail line with sleepers and ballast. The only drawback here would be that you would not be able to simply use the existing track from a closed branch line, you’d have to pull it up and re- lay it. Mind you, that is how a lot of modern light rail networks were constructed anyway so not so bad.


    Yes, I would love to see this feature in the game. I think that it would be fairly easy to implement and will improve the playing experience alot.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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