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    Does it seem odd that someone would wait 2 months on a train, travel with it for 6 months just to go shopping in another town? Does it seem odd that a train going between 2 nearby town manage 4 trips per year? To me it does..!

    Why not change years to months?

    • Monthly Economic intervals instead of yearly
    • Monthly autosaves
    • A month is the same or similar length in time irl as a year is now

    This will give us:

    • More sensible time frame.
    • Slower progress through the decades and tech
    • More time to build and expand our company in one game (before 2050).

    Alternatively it could be added to the game as another option when you create the game, just like civ5 has different speeds when you create game (quick, normal, epic and maraton)

    What do you all think?


    But please make it optional, to be able to turn on/off.


    I just used Cheat Engine to slower the date gone by 30 seconds / 1 day, it let me to make use of all rail equipment and development of railroad network more realistic according to the time being, everything working fine.



    On the condition that’s it’s an optional variable at game start, maybe Fast, standard, long, and extra long, like with map size and start year.


    An additional lower time/speed has been requested many times on this forum.  Sadly, like the requests to add railway ‘X’ crossings it falls on deaf ears!



    I believe devs are doing things, but much much slower than people would expect them. I’m not trying to defend their issue-fixing priorities, but just a few weeks ago before the latest patch, vehicle auto-replacement would be on your list.

    Lets just hope that as time goes on, the list of essential problems with the game will steadily become shorter and shorter 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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