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    I am now in a frustrating situation where i have a great network but cities are growing and growing, making performance worse and worse. at some point i just had to stop playing and go back to older save games where the population is less.


    Its great to watch cities grow but eventually all saved games will be unplayable. can there be a way in the future to disable city growth (for less important cities), only allowing growth for the hub cities?


    i know there is a population cap, can we modify it somewhere? i am on a small map with populations 1400 for each of my 2 hub cities, and 500 or the rest of the 4 cities.

    I would be happy to cap the population for the other cities at 300 to allow for more population in my hub cities.


    I’m about to get 3000 pops for biggest city in my world and when starting simulation, game almost skipping.

    I don’t know there’s population cap but It’s not good design to have population caps. rather giving more optimization would be fine.


    I would rather see optimization of the game engine and thats what they are working on as far as I know.


    I think rather than disable city growth, they should start fudging the population numbers at least of those rendered and ‘doing stuff’ … So for example one civ becomes 10 or to that effect in order to remain in an optimised state of x max active civs visibly wandering..

    I mean, its all good and well having 10,000 civs wandering around a map, but you can only watch a handful and since it is contributing to killing the performance leading to the situation of not being able to continue to play the same save past a certain point, it makes sense that it needs changing… that is of course assuming this is where the issue is.

    There’s other things killing performance too though, most UI windows take a big chunk for a single window, not to mention multiple, such as ‘old vehicle warnings’ or buying x vehicles to replace a fleet.

    Hopefully… they can fix / optimise it at some point.  The last patch made things marginally better, but there is a lot more needed to keep the game playable.


    Mind you, it must be the rendering that’s mostly at fault rather than the path finding / processing of these civs, since you can sit looking out of the map or to an empty field and performance sky rockets.

    I have a feeling a draw distance slider would help but it isn’t pushing my GPU / CPU at these points, so I don’t know.

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