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    I’d find it comfortable to be able to assign single plattforms to accept either cargo or passengers – or, even  better, make no difference between the two (which would mean a redesign of the station look too I guess). Because in reality, especially in bigger stations, you do have both:  passenger and cargo operations. Well at least for ‘goods’ that would be a nice option as they are the only cargo that also travels to cities and it would prevent the need to build a second station (and therefore very often a seperate track)


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    I mostly build a passenger station at the “green side” (Residential) of a town and a freight station at the “blue side” (Industrial) of a town, so I don’t mind them being separate.

    Come to think of it, in reality I’ve rarely seen a cargo train crossing a passenger station.


    In reality you don’t have both in fact – At least not anywhere near each other.

    Loading and unloading things like open hoppers is… not pleasant to anyone standing nearby. They are most often done a fair ways away from each other, which fits the two station setup.


    In reality it seems to be different from country to country.
    I’ve read in the forums here a post from a player from the UK, he suggested the same as you with the substantiation, that in RL in the UK passenger and freight stations are combined, however in Germany I never saw such a thing in my whole life, passenger stations and freight stations here are strictly divided.


    At any rate it’s pretty easy to pull off already. Put two stations (one of each type) across from each other with the train tracks against each other. Group them up and voila!

    You can even put separate “passthrough” track(s) in between the two stations to allow for a high speed train to pass straight through without stopping (Since stations are forced to use low speed rail tracks)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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