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    I just discovered this upcoming game and this gives me hope about a possible successor of Transport Tycoon… !? 🙂

    Long story short: Please don’t forget about multicore CPUs.

    Similar games bleeding out after some days of gameplay, because using single core/thread only, just like Cities in Motion did or Transport Tycoon DID (…in it’s time, at 90’s)


    Thanks in advance!

    ps.: It looks a really promising concept. All of my hopes in you, guys 🙂


    Of course we are aware of multicore CPUs. We’re using it for some tasks for example the simulation. Therefore a dual core CPU is in the system requirements. It runs on a single core CPU but not satisficing  enough. 


    Will the game take advantage of the 4-8+ cores or it will only look for 2 cores?


    Hah no answer for the last question – meaning, an obvious “no” there

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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