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    After playing the game for nearly 24 hours, here’s what I have gathered so far.


    Yeah, after some digging and trying out and after it didn’t work on a 4 slot truck stop either, I discovered the cause:

    • Each connected Line has its own truck stop slot where they will go no matter what. (I have two in my map)
    • The delivery-boys will carry the resources to arbitrary slots where they think the next truck may go, regardless of the most forward truck which may block everyone else.
    • If the specific slot is already full, additional resources vanish, but the deliveryboys will still stock up the same blocked slot

    This is a bug, because the decision which slot gets delivered is flawed. Here’s how to fix this:

    • The delivery-boys should prefer the slot which blocks the other driveways
    • Alternatively, the slots which get stocked should be chosen at random or round-robin, if they use the same resource type
    • Multiple Lines with the same resource type should use the same delivery slot. (Maybe optional?)

    Sadly, right now the only solution seems to be dedicated truck stops for each Line, which kinda defeats the purpose of multiple slots at the truck stops, or disabling the Fill (Any) setting, at the cost of potential empty cargo runs.

    This is from my reddit post.

    • Sometimes tunnels don’t get drawn because the terrain cliff is above the tunnel exit model


    • Add a way to automatically upgrade/replace vehicles. Even if this is a gamedesign decision to make it more realistic, this is a tedious task. The “Return all to Depot and sell” button which is available in the Line overview should be available for individual vehicles too and include an upgrade mechanism.
    • Add a history for the passengers, how many per month have been delivered, how many (percent?) have been denied because the vehicle was full, so we can instantly see if a vehicle is obsolete or an other is required
    • Resources: I think instead of spreading them at random, there should be areas throghout the world where certain resources are move available. Think industry giant, where the oil resources were clustered around certain spots. This would make cargo trains more important, at the moment cargo trains are a complete waste.
    • Reduce train upkeep cost. Seldom is it a better decision to use expensive train networks for shipping insted of numerous truck Lines.
    • Bus/Tram routes: Add the ability to modify the path other than adding stops to the route. Sometimes the generated route isn’t the most accurate/beautiful and the player should have more control over it.
    • PLANNING MODE: Please, this might be a bigger thing, but add the ability to plan the tracks insted of instantly placing and constructing them. The removal costs are horrendous and it gets really frustrating at times.
    • UNDO: This would help as well. Sometimes I hit the wrong button or move the mouse too much and bam, money wasted for no reason.
    • More easy upgrades for train stations. Add the ability to upgrade a train station from 2 to 4 slots if the space is available. Having to destroy the station and adjacent rails just to re-construct everything is tedious and might cause trouble with invalid rails.
    • If you destroy a train station, you should be able to place another at the same space, automatically reconnecting the existing rails instead of having to redo everything.
    • Allow to convert passenger-stations to cargo-stations via button click, and/or add the ability to set individual railstation slots to cargo/transport usage
    • Default-Bind game time speedup to 0/Space = Pause, 1=Normal speed, 2=Faster, 3=Fastest
    • Allow to connect two parallel rails with each other
    • Allow for wider angle when placing rails over streets. The current one is too narrow.
    • Add toll booths to the game, allowing for additional revenue income on self-owned streets
    • Add better visual hints which rail part is one-way and which are not. Maybe arrows or similar, onHover.
    • Allow the player to set an amount of time where trains wait in the train stations for passengers, instead of instantly continuing the path
    • More feedback as to why some bus/tram/train ways generate negative revenue. Maybe in form of a list or heatmaps where the passengers are coming from and where they need to go.
    • Allow to snap bridges at one another just like regular rails. The bridge could be combined to a bigger one, allowing two parallel rails, like this.
    • More nature! Let the fields and woods regrow at a set time.
    • Add Cargo warehouses so we can better distribute and combine cargo Lines


    More to come. So far the game is really fun, but it feels like early-access because the available features are very basic and the cargo system lacks polishing.


    Agree with pretty much everything here.


    Completely agree with the undo option, even if it’s only available when paused it would double up as a planning mode.


    Is it actually possible to draw a street over a railroad using a crossover? I cant get it to work. Drawing railroad over a street does work.

    Nice list, i agree with everything. Personally i would also like to see more diversity in buildings (houses, industry, countryside, etc). Maybe ill make a list of my own some time. Alot of urs are gonna be in it. 🙂


    Yea I’ve been making ramps both side of the train tracks then connecting both ramps together to make a crossing.



    Nice list of features.

    I would also like to add something from my own:


    -UI. In-game windows spawn at random anywhere overlapping or halfway out of the screen. If the list  is long enough (ex. Depot with 50+ vehicles) and you drag it all the way up to reach the bottom with upper part away from the screen and you close it with ‘del’ button the window cant be called again or if it is then its out of the screen. Appearance: Always. Solution: Re-sizable windows, screen limits for windows, list scrolls.

    -GAMEPLAY. Then adjusting a new road to existing one, some vehicles in the proximity of the junction ‘teleport’ to a new road at random distances or they change directions at existing one. Appearance: Random. Solution: Code.

    Major/Urgent Improvements/Fixes:


    (Will repeat again, hope we will get heard) Automatic vehicle replacement, ageing, service feature. The main demand of all.

    Minor Improvements/Fixes:


    Building roads/bridges/tunnels should have manual height adjustment feature. (With a mouse or keyboard)


    Autosave feature should be optional with a selectable intervals of game saves. Save menu should be improved. 🙂

    The rest is said by radonthetyrant

    • PLANNING MODE: Please, this might be a bigger thing, but add the ability to plan the tracks insted of instantly placing and constructing them. The removal costs are horrendous and it gets really frustrating at times.

    Well, this one is not really needed for me, as long as you can automatically place rails or train station over buildings etc. which would help a great deal then!


    I would second the undo button and the track planning feature. Also the cargo warehousing seems very useful, especially if this was coupled with barges.

    I would add a need for more complex orders such as ‘collect nothing’ or ‘collect a certain material only’.

    I would also love to see more industry and perhaps some individual buildings like a house you can situate as your home in your town. I would also love to see some events that can happen that you need to react to, and of course AI competitors.


    Really need a larger Truck stations that allows for multiple trucks and doesn’t block paths of other trucks badly!


    Agree with most if not all the above, plus:


    – I also think trains should be much cheaper to run but much more expensive to build. Tunnels are way too cheap too (a tunnel is often not much more expensive than a sinuous mountain line hugging the terrain.)

    – I also think the 20 minute requirement should be changed to be a function of the voyage length (i.e. I’m not willing to spend more than 5 minutes to cross town but will spend 50 to cross the map) and good type (who cares if my train full of coal takes 21 minutes rather than twenty, and they could also introduce perishable goods).

    -I don’t think the ticket price is a function of the voyage length at the moment?

    – Spacing between trains, and make it generally an option in the line (like: no spacing between convoys, force even spacing between convoys, or just wait a bit if following another convoy too closely as it is now.)

    General whishes/ideas:

    -Narrow gauge lines would be awesome

    – Special sites (touristic, airports or so) that one can build lines to and then bring passengers to. Like I once built a line to the summit of a mountain out of boredom, would be awesome if it was actually useful.

    – Map editor,  and in general mission-type gameplay or such.

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