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    As a Fan of Transport Tycoon and Transport Tycoon Deluxe by Chris Sawyer, which I still play at the moment using a Dos Emulator, I have a few suggestions as to how to improve Train Fever.

    Time Table 

    I see this has been mentioned a few time on post as to how to do this, You already have full load and any load via a drop down menu, My suggestion would be to add waiting times, Example would be adding minutes, So you could say said train wait at a station for 1 or 2 minutes before moving off. This would also help stop the trains catch each other up, which often happends at the moment.

    Train Depots 

    We already have train depots that snap to the end of stations via a little track, but trying to fit them at the side of a track is quite annoying trying to get the track to fit correctly, My suggestion would be, to make it so it snaps to the track like the road depots snap to the roads, This would make it alot easier to add depots to side of the tracks.

    Game Area 

    Reduce the view distance of income shown from Trains.buses,trucks. Which currently shows it over the hole play area, this could help reduce the lag in the game limiting it to a set view distance. Plus have a pop up window of vehical income of each vehical, if you want too.

    Loading Times and Game Speed. 

    We all know that a day in game is 3 seconds, I feel this needs to be increase to 15 or 20 maybe more seconds, because at the moment if you have a train loaded with 100 passengers it takes many days to load and unload that train, this is very unrealistic, Plus also to reduce the loading times of passengers, ore, coal and so on. These seem to take to long. With the more expensive trains durring year 2000 and onwards with the current loading times it make it hard to make any kind of money.

    Well I hope players and Devs like my suggestions and we could maybe see them ingame sometime to improve the game play. I have currently played over 130 hrs in the last few weeks, so you could say I enjoy playing your game.





    I get around the train problem by just not building signals between stations (unless its a really long gap between) it keeps the trains spread out mostly,


    I notice at my busiest train stations where I have passengers transferring to local tram via tram stations they only hold 30 passengers per line it seems, I will have my line 18 tram with a frequency of 40 seconds going up the center of my biggest city dropping people off, before turning around and picking people up again, when a full train arrives (this city is where 3 lines meet and terminate in the corner of the map) 50+ people want to get onto the line 18 tram however they cant as the stops full and teleport home.


    People should seek an alternative route or walk if the stops full I hate seeing a big crowd of people walk to my tram station and disappear. I have now removed all tram/ bus stations from my citys and just use stops which seem to allow more people to wait, its still around 50~ max it really bugs me! When 3 trains pull into the station around the same time it can be 200+ people coming out, a large number will want to get the tram, the trams in 2000 onwards carry 20+ people so all it takes is a few tram loads to wisk them away instead I see the trams leaving the station empty because half the potential passengers have been teleported away. Same thing for cargo stations, I usully set my lines up as

    Oil pump, Wait for full load

    Oil refinery drop oil and take cargo if its there (pick up goods)

    City to drop off goods. repeat

    However the goods in the refinery station (even if I build the large) get wasted as the station only holds 18. WTH the lorry holds more than that! Its stupid!


    I also noticed one of my large citys was not getting goods, an oversite by me, It needed 150, so I thought ahh train line shall do this. Connect a forest to the wood cutting place. The forest is producing 1/25 the 2 trains on the line cost a total 3m a year, have to have multiple because if its not frequent the line wont work


    2 years later, its now producing 10/25


    5 years later its finally producing 25/25 and an upgrade is scheduled


    20 years later its finally producing 150, what the city needed why the hell does it take so long for industry to start meeting the demand of citys, and only now making a profit, after 15 years of running at a loss.

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    does anybody agree or disagree with my suggestions.

    Comments welcome. 🙂

    P.s btw anyone tell me how to add a avatar to my profile. ?

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