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    After 40 hours of playing Train Fever, I would like to offer a couple of suggestions. I have only just come to this forum, so please forgive me, if some have already been mentioned:

    1. A “Suggestions” thread.

    2. An “Undo” button – preferably one which can take you back more than one click.

    3. This type of track cross-over:

    4. A “quick-save” button.

    5. It would be nice, if one could switch the little blue symbols above trains, stations etc on/off.

    6. Being able to prioritize trains High/Normal/Low, so that a passenger express doesn’t have to give way to a coal-scow.

    7. The ability to schedule coupling/uncoupling of carriages at each station – as required.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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