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    That is because path finding is more o less static, I guess.  Once it is calculated for a line, it is fixed unless something happens (track modifications).  A more dynamic approach could calculate alternatives when the main option is occupied.  But that is also complicated, since it could lead to some trains taking weird alternatives just because the main path is occupied.  To prevent such a case, the search for an alternative should be limited in space, by means of marking the zone where to search with a special type of signal…  Not that easy…



    Feature Request:

    – Ability to build 2 or more tracks simultaneously.

    Right now to construct parallel tracks, you have to create it manually 1 by 1

    It’ll be nice if there’s an option when you click on Build Tracks, to select how many parallel tracks you want to create, it’s very  handy for long stretches of rails that goes from one side of the map to the other.

    Also it solves a lot of Annoying Terrain Bugs, when you try to create a dual or quad track rail to follow the same tunnel, or same bridge.



    Have an option to Follow the Train

    You can already do that using the icon in the top-left of the window that looks like a crosshairs (just click the icon and the camera in the main view will now become attached to the train and zoom in).

    Does anyone know if the game will be further developed?  Fixed? Enhanced?  I see nothing here about any plans for improving it from the development team.  Do they even read there own forum?  Some of the suggestions above are awesome.

    The devs keep releasing patches \o/ , but not as regularly as I hope they would 🙁 . Most of the changes are bug-fixes, but every so often, a new feature is added. Personally, I think the devs should focus on those really small things that need fixing (such as the cursor not changing according to which mode the UI is in, reporting information in the ‘Line’ dialog that is currently only mentioned in the ‘manage lines’ dialog (eg. which trains are assigned to a particular line)). They could release a patch once a week that only focuses on the small fixes. Only once the critical bugs and small things are done, should they concentrate on things that take more effort (eg. a dynamic pathfinder). I also hope they fix all the issues in TF before they start working on TF2.

    Needed Feature:

    – Ability to assign path per train, specially for Multi-tracks stations.

    You can use waypoints either just before or just after the platform to manually control which platform the route will use. You can even assign a different platform to trains going one way and trains going the other way on the same route. The path-finder will still try and send the remaining routes to whichever platforms it sees fit, but you can of course take complete control by assigning waypoints to all the routes that use the station. Unfortunately, the pathfinder is static, so if there are toomany trains assigned to the same platform, they will continue to use that platform. The best solution is to make use of waypoints so your busiest routes have to share the platform with fewer other routes than your less busy routes.

    Ability to build 2 or more tracks simultaneously.

    Yes, yes and yes!!!



    Are the developers currently working on double junctions and X-switches? They are really needed in the game and should be considered to be implemented in next patches, it would help a lot in railway constructions.


    Also, parallel crossovers (where there are two crossovers on 3 parallel tracks at the same place – one goes from A to B and the other from B to C), and 3-way switches would be nice, and enable us to build more compact junctions. I’d imagine they’d be easier to develop than diamond crossings or X-switches.


    Hello everybody!

    First i want to thank the developers for this great game … no Transport Game after the Original Railroad Tycoon 1 (played in on AMIGA) had such a great implementation of signals …

    My suggestions :

    -) ego perspective

    -) option to switch off the textures, so you only see the lines and train/station markers in the overview

    As I said i spent much time in the early 1990s playing Railroad Tycoon 1 on AMIGA and the most time of the game you want to have an overview of your transport system… but if you zoom out in TrainFever, you can hardly see the colors of the lines…

    Many thanks in advance



    I’m sorry, chakotay68, but if you imply that the signaling in TF is good I have to disagree with you. You are very limited by the signals. You can use only path signals, no presignaling. In my opinion the best signaling was in OTTD, followed by Locomotion. The only advantage in TF is that you can have two trains in the same block if their paths don’t intersect. But that’s about it.


    I really wish there was an option to disable or reduce the smoke from buildings. It becomes a horrible resource hog in bigger towns and is just more or less annoying.


    I agree, and also I wish there was a way to reduce or eliminate the amount of smoke coming from diesel locomotives. it seems like its entirely too much.



    A suggestion that could add a lot of gameplay:

    The ability to create your own expansion packs, ie use the dlc folder to create a British folder or a german folder thus giving you just the trains stations etc you have added, whilst still being able to add others during the start up screen.

    hope this makes sense,



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    I really like the “Old Western” style stations available via the mods, but as you play into the later years they are out of place and need upgrading to more modern structures.  Updating everyone of them is a real chore.

    It would be cool if there was a station update available (like the vehicle replacement function) where you could schedule automatic upgrades to these buildings.

    Maybe a similar function for the signals and railroad crossings too?


    I’ve been playing the game for just a bit, but I feel like there’s a bunch of things that can be used for helping with optimization.

    Probably the biggest one I’ve noticed is how garish the smoke effect is on top of the buildings in the towns. I would definitely look into replacing the big, bulging clouds of black smoke coming out of the chimneys with something more akin to a smoke wisp, which I can imagine can constructed to optimize for performance

    Beyond that, and beyond going absolutely insane with reducing polygons in various LODs (IE: The buildings directly infront of the camera can have fully rendered fence-posts, the buildings on the next street over should only have a single plane of fence posts), the game should have a scalable fog option. Not only can this optimize the game by masking buildings far away (benefiting users with lower-end computers) but having a tiny bit of fog at all times helps blur far away buildings and hills, creating an illusion of distance. This is something that’s common practice for people who map for Counterstrike or HL2, since in real life our vision tends to fade after a certain distance.

    These are just some niggles that have been bothering me over the past few days as I’ve been playing TrainFever. I have lots of other niggles, but the game is too cute and fun to let me completely put it down.

    • [AI] Competitor companies

    Just as in Railroad Tycoon competing companies which can stand you in the way. With this, multiple stations of different companies will be in one city. To make this work better also the next suggestion should be implemented.

    • Ticket Prices

    A possibility to enhance the price of a specific trip. Cheaper will be more attractive and more expensive will make it less atractive.

    • Company logo’s

    The ability to chose a logo, or import one.

    I think this would be very cool, I see very much potential in this game. And a part of the potential has already come! The first suggestion is obviously not something you can implement in a minute. But maybe… 🙂





    Hello all, this is my first time posting here!

    Let’s see, I own TF since the game came out and sadly I have it actually unistalled, it does bother me that some of the “small details” are not included on this good looking game, in fact, I’m missing some things that other games like “Chris Sawyer’s Locomotion” allow me to do and this game doesn’t.

    For instance, animated signals, TF doesn’t have animated signals at all, at the signal itself has only 2 aspects, also junctions, not animated, the impossibility of the train choosing a free track at a station (probably the most annoying one), let’s say that I have a station with 3 platforms, and 2 of them are occupied, if the platform doesn’t belong to the train’s route, train won’t enter the station… Train should enter the platform with no trains and the continue it’s route…

    Also, a thing that I do really miss… Overhead wires on tram tracks… It makes it soooo unrealistic…

    Btw, could you actually use waypoints?

    It’s been a long time now without playing TF, so I don’t know if something from above has been corrected… Like the autosave thing.

    From Spain. 🙂

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    Waypoints can be placed on the tracks and then added to the route. They actually work. The fact that trains don’t go to a free platform doesn’t bother me that much. Trains need spacing between them anyway, putting them on multiple platforms would only make them run closer together, something that could be not so productive. And that brings me to another important thing that is missing: the game does not space out the trains to run at regular intervals. If you start a line, buy 4 train sets and set them all on the line it will launch them all as soon as possible so you get 4 trains close to each other and then an enternity of nothingness.

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