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    Traian Trante

    I start this topic while my two trains try hard in the background to get me out of bankrupcy.


    The sugestion i have are about the game’s economy and I’m making them because they won’t take much work to implement.

    – Cities should demand different goods, not just one generic good. this way you have to supply cities form different sources, no more suplying half the map with one lumber mill.

    – Cities should be cateorized in categories: villages(250), town(500), cities(+).

    – Villages just demand wood. They can grow to town if supplied with enough wood and if poulation reaches 250.

    – Town demand wood and steel. They can grow to city once they reach 500 and enough wood and steel are available.

    – Cities demand woood, fuel and steel.

    – If a city doesnt have its goods supplied at least 50%, it grows very very slowly. Basically, it doesn’t. If a city loses its supply of goods from some reason it will stop growing, and over time shrink.


    – Resources should have maximum capacity (cap) depending on the map. this will force you to supply a factory from more than 1 resource.

    – Oil can have a bigger cap if in flat land

    – Woodcutter cand have a bigger cap if near a big forest. The bigger the forest, the biger the capacity.

    – Iron and coal have a bigger capacity if in the mountains. More mountain, more iron.


    This is it. This would be my idea of a decent economy model.


    Yes, that should not be that hard to implement. but i wish they would add additional goods like food from farm and maybe cars from a factory that takes steel ,oil ,and stuff and many more (but i agree that would take a lot of work) .

    Traian Trante

    Those can be added my modding the game….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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