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    Hello support,

    I played the game for more than 135 hours now. I still have many problems with the game.

    I’m doing very well in term of profit with 865 Millions $ in 1926. But I’d like to go more in depth.

    So here are the things I would like to see revisited by the devs in future releases.

    1) Missing Manual. There is no manual with the game explaining in details what we get on screen. (Industry Details, Residential Detail, …)

    2) Renaming Stops. When I want to rename a train station, a truck stop, a big bus stop, … I’ve to rename the facility and the flag above the facility. Could it be possible to link them so that I don’t have to rename all my constructions twice.

    3) Making goods line early in the game is very easy. Cities are using them very fast making my industries growing. However later in the game, making new lines between industries seems to have no effect. Production is still hanging on 1 unit/year. (Is this a normal behavior ?)

    4) Replacing a fleet of vehicle is a mess. Making line usage or goods production collapse.

    5) Replacing stations, bus stops in year 1925 can lead to total collapse of a city. Why do I have to delete my old bus stop, train station to build the new ones. Can you make an “upgrade” button ?

    6) When upgrading roads, it changes the position of my buses and/or trucks. If you upgrade a large part of your roads, you can end with all your buses and/or trucks being in a pile which leads to break your entire transport system. (timetable, …)

    7) There should be the possibility to know where an industry is buying his goods. (like an ID of the serving factory). The same for the factories buying their raw materials.

    8) If you upgrade, delete or make any change. All goods, passengers, raw materials in the area of your change will disappear. This is not good for business 🙂


    I also agree on this, but the game needs avenues also. It also needs to fix the graphical glitches. Here are some funny examples:

    Funny one.

    The Flying tram! Yay 🙂



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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