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    I have just bought Transport Giant and watching the two little guys build my tracks, I had an idea for Train Fever.  It would be cool to select a route for my trains from point A to point B.  I would set some parameters such as minimum degree of curvature and maximum grade for my line.  Then the game would send out surveyors, graders, and eventually track layers (picks and shovels in the early days and modern track laying machines in the present) and I can watch the realistic building of my line.

    Maybe the surveyors will come up with some optional routes (longer but low grade, steeper so more horsepower required, shorter but needs an expensive tunnel, etc.), and I would have to chose the one I want.

    It maybe something that is not that important, but I would enjoy watching the detailed building of my lines like I watch the building of the buildings in Sim City.  It would just be a cool feature.

    Urban Games Team

    We would love to implement both features you mention (automatic route construction and detailed construction animation). However, as you say, these features do not have maximal priority. Since we are 100% busy with the implementation of the most important features, the probability that we can do this is low. Maybe we can add this at a later point in time (DLC or sequel).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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