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    dear devs,

    in  his post about release notes


    you wrote this:

    Fixed a texture compression bug which caused very long loading times and freezes when using any build tool for the first time (was present on certain systems with ATI graphics cards)

    but i surely can say it is not fixed.

    i had this lags and freezes in build 4221 and still have them in build 4234. it is exactly as you describe. when i start or load a game and scroll to a map area different than in the starting point of view, the game freezes like 3 seconds. same if i zoom in or out. i notice that before the freeze very rough textures are displayed. i guess these are the smallest textures for the most zoomed out point of view. and during the freeze the system loads and uncompresses more detailed textures. the game just runs somewhat smoothish once i moved the point of view all around the map and zoomed in and out in various locations.

    some system specs:

    graphics: nvidia geforce gt 620
    cpu: intel core 2 quadcore Q6600 @2.4 GHz
    hd: 2 x SATA 320 GB

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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