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    This game is a real masterpiece. In 2014 it brings fresh air to the genre. Really good work! Sadly the late-game is not tested much and so …

    As much as it makes fun to play TrainFever at start, as much goes away when it comes to the late-game. But this doesn’t have to be. Maybe some of the next points are already discussed or mentioned somewhere. I just want to be sure that you know all of them 😀

    1. Loading takes to long for long trains
    Big trains are useless currently. You need a small tact and as loading will take ages, not many people/ goods will go to the line …
    For passenger it is needed to load as fast as the train has doors. Would make it much more realistic, too. And the decision what wagon to use would get an additional aspect.
    For cargo, there should be something like a buildable extension for cargo-stations. One extension is able to load one wagon at the same time. Different extensions for different cargo would make it even more realistic. A crane only for goods for example. They don’t need to be animated btw. 😉

    2. Truckstationlimits brakes functionality
    16 units max when the biggest truck can handle 20? I was really surprised. A bigger Truckstation would solve this in the first run or even the existing ones with much more capacity. But not finally. Trains can carry so much that the capacity would be always a problem.
    What about Storages? Industry delivers to a storage. Storage delivers to (Truck)stations. Or better, the storagebuilding counts as the storage for (Truck)stations. 😀

    3. Missing Waypoints (and free platform selection)
    Two trainlines on the same rail -> chaos
    Many trainlines on the same rail -> huge mess
    I know you have it already on your todo-list, this is just for completeness 😉
    The possibility for a train to select a free platform would make it even possible to mix lines without building always very big trainstations 🙂

    4. different loadtime destroys tact
    As the number of possible cargo grows, the time the first train needs to pic it up is big. (even with solve of point 1) The second train has just a very small loadtime as there is nothing left. It will leave early. Set it to “wait until full” is no option as the timer of the game will just get messed up and industry will lower production. As the game-mechanic is based on this, this is really annoying. A solution for this would be (and this could be used for street, too):

    The time that goes by between two vehicles leave a station should be always the same. This could be archived by saving the last loading time for every vehicle and station. Time for reaching a station and finish loading. After start/ change of a line, saved times are deleted and only calculated tact is used for departure. After one cycle, the difference between the vehicle can be adjusted by adding the longest loading-time from that line on current station. With this, vehicle will better hold the right distance between them. Even when this means in bad conditions every vehicle has to wait longer as it would need. If you have long lines with many trains or just many many lines, it makes more money to keep them in the right tact then saving a few seconds. And if they are once out of tact, an industry chain can completely stop 🙁 With reachtime and departure, more adjustments could be done to get the right waittime till departure.

    An Infotext should mention this waiting-state and a button to start them right away would be needed for some rare cases 😀

    This 4 points with a better use of multi-core systems (next patch) … and this game has a big chance to be unbeaten for ages. =)

    Happy Playing! 😉


    1. I fully agree it’s a problem.

    2. I don’t care as I rarely use trucks but where I do the wait for full load option works for me.

    3. The ability to pick platforms for lines is needed because the game will often split platform usage unevenly. It would also be nice to be able to assign cargo to one track and express to the other where the tracks run parrarel.

    Statement about how multiple lines on same tracks create a mess is wrong. A corridor that is made of two tracks, one for each direction of movement can handle many lines without any problems as long as junctions are designed properly by the player.

    4. Wait for full load order works really well if used properly evidence in the screenshot:


    #2 I hoped that i could increase the max of 14 by adding more loading platforms but unfortunately that doesn’t work. But it sure helps getting the trucks being handled quicker. One platform is used for unloading and the others for loading. In case you didn’t know that, but you probably tried as well.

    Edit: How to make a picture as you do above? That you see a small preview until you click on it? What size is that?


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