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    Just wanted to post a quick note to say thanks to the devs for creating a great game, thoroughly enjoying it, and for providing support as promissed – another patch out today with stability fixes and performance ones promised soon.  I’ve played plenty of games from big software houses which don’t provide patches so quickly :o)

    I’ve been playing it quite a lot, with my large map up to £2.6bn in the bank now (ok its on easy) but its great the number of layouts I can create and experiment with to make it as efficient as I can – yes, I have a wish-list of nice to haves as much as everyone else but so far having a load of fun – hope it continues to develop…

    And… not forgetting the modders out there, the only ones I am using so far are loco mods so I have a decent loco to marry up with the 200kph coaches, some great quality work coming out – nice to see a supportive community as well

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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