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    The mode of construction of track for trains is extremely difficult and complex , even with the tutorials , will have some form of construction easier than that? Why only think back to the OpenTTD !

    I agree that my first experience with track laying was a little frustrating.  But now with just over 100 hours playing I am getting used to what I can and what I cannot do.  Once you know how the track is going to ‘snap’ to which path, it becomes easier and easier.

    Just give it time – I am on my fifth or sixth start and in this latest game am taking things slowly and not building up too many lines quickly (I have only used trains so far – after all it’s Train Fever not Bus/Tram Fever).

    Have fun, enjoy the journey not just the destination.


    The principle working of track layout I find quite good, intuitive and well thought. The lack of information when it won’t work provokes probably the most frustration: terrain constraints, too sharp, too steep, too close, wrong type of track, crossing a road vertex point, bridge pillar conflict, impossible switch (crossings, slips, 3-way…)… It’s up to the player to imagine what could be wrong.

    I hope the developers will extend the error feedback system, so the player is better informed what when wrong, and where the conflicting section is. That would make the track laying much less a game of guessing.

    Nevertheless, I’m getting used to it’s working and have already a very good idea of what can be done, and what not.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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