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    I am aware that it is suggested that there be a track planning tool already and that it would function by letting you put down your track with a confirm at the end to finally pay and build it.  I am going to take this opportunity to draw attention to this idea and solution again in this thread first and foremost.  I hope this is implemented very soon.

    Since this game first came out it has greatly improved and it is much easier to build track and run things.  However I went from +2.5 mil to a full 10 mill loan in one train line that I didn’t even finish.  It is not because the line is supper expensive.  Even on flat (Do the devs know what flat means?) there can be significant hills and I built a tunnel through it.  This tunnel wasn’t cheap but still cost less then 3 mill to build.  I then tried to double up the tunnel track, most of the time I can do this with no difficulty, but this time I got a terrain alignment error.  Problem is, there is nothing I can do to fix this, the terrain doesn’t need any real alignment that is apparent, there aren’t any buildings of anything highlighted red.  There is just no way to double that tunnel.  So I deleted it and moved it and tried again. This normally fixes the issue when I come across it.  However I just hit the issue again.  Moving the line a third time I finally got a working track but now I can’t finish the line because I am in debt.  I blew 10 mill building and rebuilding a line in early game when I can’t afford it.  Ouch.

    Until the devs implement the track planning tool (and/or fix that bug) we have to live with this kind of thing.  The problem is in the mean time I can’t tell what it is about the terrain that I can use to predict if a tunnel will double up the track or not in advance.  Does anyone know what the rules are for this sort of thing?  Is there a way to know before you build the tunnel that it can double?


    I’ve had the same issues quite a few times. Only way to do is little bit landscaping on both ends, build the tunnel and if i get the error, then try to build the doubling tunnel opposite way. So if you are building your track from say left to right, try the second tunnel from right to left. Sometimes helps, sometimes not. Also make sure that you are really building a double track, the one where there is no gap between the trackbeds. Sometimes the game builds a version with a gap in between the tracks, and that can not be built into the tunnel.


    A solution that I have used for this case is to lay the tunnel first and then at both ends, build a short section of triple track. Then when you build by connecting the third tracks to each other, you get two single tunnels that are parallel. More tracks can be added to increase the separation between the parallel tunnels.

    This also works for bridges where a second track causes a conflict with the river underneath.


    A simple solution would be to add something that we’ve been asking for since it came out, simply being able to build with double tracks as well as singles, this would have stopped your problem from ever hapening. However, I think it was a bit rash to buldoze a 3m tunnel and risk the same thing happening again, I would have split the line and built another single.


    Pasi:  Yep I tried those, left to right, right to left, second track underneath.  Those tricks work but not always. 🙁

    spill: That is a good idea, that could have saved me some trouble.

    simonmd: Yes I also figure being able to lay multiple lanes of track at once is a good idea but the track planning tool is a higher priority to me.  It solves more issues at once.  I just stuck with what I consider more important because I didn’t want to recreate the whole suggestions/fixes thread here.  As for the tunnel, you are right it is drastic to destroy a tunnel already built and paid for but I wasn’t able to find another solution at the time.  Splitting the track is so obvious in hindsight but at the time I wasn’t able to think outside that particular box.  Experience is not something you get until right after you needed it.

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    I agree that there are still track building problems that should be solved sooner or later, but in the meantime, I suggest you to always save your game before starting the build of a new line! Saving the game before building saves a lot of money too… 😉

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    This sort of thing happens when the land under the second track is not deep enough for the tunnel, even though the land under the first track is. One solution is before you draw your first tunnel, attempt to draw another tunnel one track-width to the left or right to see if it can be done. If the tunnel-portals are in different places, you may have to massage your terrain so the two tunnels would start and end at roughly the same place (but this is impossible if the tunnel consists of more than one segment that does not have the same curvature/gradient as the rest). It would be nice if building a tunnel could terraform land upwards (and we could manually move the portal along the track when building) – nicer still if we had a double-track building mode (this would also allow us to build double-track bridges with the pillars in the right places, and also solve a whole lot of other problems).

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