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    Hi I’m Jason and I’ve been following the development of the game and I’m impressed at what’s been implemented.


    I do have a lot of questions though (divided by topic).


    Game Abbreviations (from my most played of this type):


    Rail Based only-

    Railroad Pioneer- RP

    Railroad Tycoon Series (Specifically Railroad Tycoon 3)- RT


    Semi Trucks/Lorries only

    Freight Tycoon Inc.- FTI


    All Transport Types-

    Transport Tycoon/ Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe- TTD

    Simutrans- ST

    Chris Sawyer’s Locomotion- CSL

    Cities in Motion 1 and 2- CiM

    Transport Giant Gold- TG


    Heavy Transport Influence/Bonuses

    SimCity Series All Versions (Specifically SimCity 200o Special Edition,  Sim City 4 + Rush Hour, and SimCity 2013)- SC

    Industry Giant 2 Gold- IG2



    Coal/Pre-Electric Era Options (1850’s through 1920’s)

    1. Will coal, wood, and oil be sold to a city (with our refining) for fuel  until electricity is introduced like RT, TTD, SC, IG2, TG?

    2. Industries “invented” over time like RT3?

    3. Wood and/or Coal Depot and Water Towers to refuel coal/per X miles like RT?

    4. Engines need to be “researched” before available like RP?

    5. Narrow gauge rail and multi-gauge (standard winth narrow inside) building like CSL?


    Coal/ Early-Electric\Diesel Era (1920’s-1950’s)

    1. Will power plants be needed to produce power for trains and boost production in industries/cities like ST (power for buildings only/ trains had unlimited power.) ?

    2. Will oil need to be refined for diesels?

    3. Mass “Electrification” of track like CSL and RT3?


    Diesel Era (1950’s – 1980’s)

    1.  Major Airports/Sea Ports and Modern Highways to be placed on map by city AI and/or built by player (highway only by player) like SC/CiM?


    High Speed Era (1990’s – 2020)

    1. Maglev track and vehicles like TTD?


    Future Era? (2020-End Game?)

    1. Future vehicles, cargoes, and buildings like all the other games above (except RP and FTI)?


    All Eras-

    1. Era based events and facts such as Economic Highs and Lows, Natural Disasters, Historical info, etc. like all the games mentioned?

    2. Era based music for each era like TTD, CSL, RP, and TG?


    Company Items/Bonuses

    1. An HQ for the company and upgrades for it to improve profits, expenses, etc. like IG2, TG, CSL and FTI?

    2. Company built monuments/recreation centers to boost city/company ratings and attraction like IG2 and SC.

    3. Company built industries/commercial buildings and/or buy/fund current industries and  upgrade/sell them like RT3, TTD, ST, CSL and RP

    4. Allow competitors to connect and use your tracks for a fee like RT3, ST, IG2 and RP?

    5. Adjustable wages/cost to improve performance or lower it from changes like CiM.



    1. Vehicle Breakdowns and Crashes like all the above (except SC)?

    2. Track/Road aging and problems from a low repair budget and high use?

    3. Buy/Merge rival companies like IG2, RT3, and ST?

    4. Mass Vehicle Deletion, Replacement, and Upgrades like RT3 and IG2?

    5. Mass Train Signal Placement like OTTD?

    6. Changeable loan interest rates and ticket prices like CSL and CiM?

    7. An optional day/night mode like CiM2, RT3 and ST (Clock speed could be personally set custom speed and type like D/M/Y or Min./Hrs./Day in RT3 in-game editor and ST in advanced pregame options)?

    8. The ability to import resources like oil, coal, etc. if they run out on the map and can’t be imported prior (really big problem in IG2)




    1. Era based music

    2. American based buildings, vehicles, landscapes etc. available at game launch date (even if it just a few).

    3. In-game video recording option like SC?

    4. Scenarios/Historic Themed missions like all the games above (except ST)


    That’s all I can think of now, and sorry it’s soo long. ^_^;


    Good luck developers with the game! 😀

    – Jason


    Forgot one:

    Narrow gauge rail and multi-gauge (standard winth narrow inside) building like CSL


    post bump


    Wow, a lot of questions indeed and a few interesting ones in there.

    Think quite a few could be answered by a new beta game play video, anyone agree?


    Great idea fastfokker! A new game play video is long overdue!! 🙂


    I think the adjustable Time management would increase the gameplay a lot. I am not a fan of such a rushing through the time, also day and night circle would increase the experience like rushhour, nightlife and a timetable would deepen the gameplay a lot. I pray for this and, if it’s well implemented (not like CiM2), I would pay extra money for this.


    Forgot number 9:

    “9. Will there be a stock market like RT”


    post bump again…

    Kinda hoping a dev can answers at least some questions for me. ^_^;


    It’s me Jason again. I can’t believe I haven’t asked this major question since I joined the TF community and I’m again to lazy to search the forum to see if anyone else has asked about this… so I’ll ask now…


    “Will there be a scenario/career editor Like the one in Railroad Tycoon 3?”


    Now I’m being VERY specific about the RT3 editor as opposed to the ones in Simutrans, OTTD, etc.


    I want to know if you can make situations to we’re multiple goals and events like building a station in a town in x amount of time, connecting x cites/industries to each other, etc. can be added to a map along with the bigger overall goals like having a company value of x, transporting x amount of cargo, etc.


    Also the ability to take save games and make them into scenarios would be nice.


    Finally will us more advanced users be able to make custom scripts/triggers and player choices that effect the play model like a “disaster” that affects good prices or a choice to make commands where a player gets options to choose a reward such as lowering vehicle purchase cost for x time, speeding up vehicles by x%, etc.

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    Good Questions.

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