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    After seeing some videos from people player TF i suggest to developers and some players (some of them are repetions):

    • try to reach realism on tracks: curves, staions layouts (juntcions, signals, etc.),
    • try to undestand how real railroad works,
    • time shoulb be more controled by players,
    • xcrossings should be choosen (with / without barriers, with / without lights,
    • light signal should have 3 colours, at least: red, yellow and green.
    • junctions more realistic and with levers (with motion when we are seeing very close).
    • stations should have more lines (8?).
    • stations with passangers and cargo functions at the same time like and until the end oh xx century (+-).
    • lines: it will be possible to cross lines.
    • inversing trains direction: for steam locomotives must have a turntable; for electric and diesel locomotives must be possible to disengage and engage locomotives (of course and with same space and juntions to do this kind of operation).
    • acceleration and breaking shoulb be more realistic.
    • the trains depots shoulb have more length.
    • space  / space between villages souhld be greater because trains trains need space for des / acceleration and for shunting.
    • should have warnings when there are circulation conflict between trains.
    • develop some movement when cargo train are loading / unloading with some cranes or other type of funciontal structure. It should visible at some camera distance only in order not to over use the AI.
    • should have other kind of industries and structures like: harbours, airport, containers stations specific industries (cars, cement, etc).
    • the possibility to choose the industries locations.
    • whe we are using buldozer we souhld earn some money because we are recycling …

    Now the things I like:

    • freedom to locate tracks.
    • freedom to locate stations.
    • freedom to build lines (train, buses, truck and tram lines).
    • 3D realism of the objects.
    • management system of our money.

    Cheers, T.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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