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    So I just have a question due to the crazy amount of failed early release games.
    How often are updates to this game? And I heard there is massive lag issues, hows that going?

    And also are there any signs of the game designers wanting to make the game more alive? The scenery’s feel so empty as of now.


    According to my point of view.

    This game is not a failure overall. Though it has some issues,  devs are working on them (my game has already been patched 3 times via steam).

    By lag if u mean performance then its not outstanding but still the game runs quite well on my core i7 2700k and Hd6850 gfx. I was still able to run the game on my laptop core i5 with build in intel hd4200 and it was playable.


    For making the game more lively, i dont know about the devs but i believe that there is a lot of potential in the community to release mods (there are already mods in development)

    For some games like Locomotion, community developed items were better than the games default items.

    Overall I would recommend this game to anyone whether he is a transport tycoon fan or not.




    Awesome, yeah my main concern was the update frequency and lag issues.
    So on the lag issue the one I’m referring too is a 5-20 second freeze up every time sales are made.


    I haven’t encountered such massive lags so far, only very short ones after zooming.

    If you’d like to know whether the game will be improved I recommend to read the  post release plans the devs have published on the Steam shop site.

    Regarding mods: Check out, you can find some mods there already.



    Awesome, thanks guys. Downloading the game now can’t wait =3

    As for those micro lags, yeah I’ve seen those in videos but its not the one I’m worried about.
    My guess is that it has been fixed =]


    The lags are there but it’s playable on my i5-2400. I did take all gfx down to minimum to make sure it works. I am sure they will do what they can to improve on this.

    There are some issues I’m having but it’s a nice game, imo definitely worth its money. I bought games for more that were worth less to me. That being said I am also hoping this is just the beginning. If it’s worth the money for you, only you can know. 🙂


    Got the game, and I love it =D it’s been very fun. As for lag, not having any what so ever. At least on small map.


    just want to say, the game has been out for 4 days… ANY updates to a game in that time IMO is pretty good (especially when those 4 days are over a weekend)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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