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    I purchased the game today, cause I love games like this (especially simutrans).

    It has been fun so far, to experiment a bit, but there are two major bugs, that make a simulation game like this simply unplayable for me =(

    The first is already mentioned here, its that passengers seem to jump out of trains to avoid paying for the trip ;p
    I dont know a lot about programming, but I think it should be possible to make the people finish their trip to their destination before deleting them.

    The second bug: If a truck transports two different loads, for example coal and iron to a station from where both shall be transported elsewhere (in this case to the same location), the load which stacks second at the station will simply be deleted. I dont really understand, how such a bug even can exist in a transport-simulation. Thats simply garbage =(

    At third I dont really understand, why the trucks can for example load 4 coal and they are “full”, but if they load at first 3 iron, 3 oil and 3 wood, they can also load 4 coal to be “full”.
    It really cant be hard to make trucks(perhaps also trains, didnt test) a bit more realistic. In case of a simulation game thats simply disturbing and dissapointing to me.

    One last critic: The ingame-menus definitely need a bit of rework. They are too small and if you open another window it seems to like to jump as far away from your mouse cursor as possible.

    This game has great potential and looks very nice, the transport-system seems to be thoughtful. But its more a beta than a finished game at all.
    I really really hope, that there will be done great work to fix some issues in future.
    At the moment I am massively dissapointed and I would not have payed 25 Euros if I had known that the game was in such an unfinished state.



    For one the first, and that is that the devs are already awayre of it, but they are working on it 😉

    So the problem is when their home gets demolished for and upgrade or you. And so since the game can’t handle “homeless” people they chose to simply delete them from the world.

    I suggested them to just find a way to keep them as a paying passenger even thought they dissappeared so even thought  their body is gone their payment will happen at the end 😉


    I knew that 😉
    But i wanted to pack all my major thoughts about the game in that post…


    I think its good that you don’t receive payment for passengers that expire in Transit, think about the real world… you get heavily delayed and complain, most of the time you get a refund


    Yeah but in the real world you buy a ticket before you board the train. You dont pay your trip when you finished it.


    If the passengers pay as soon as the train finished boarding, it would be a good temporary workaround until the devs have fixed this phenomen of disappearing passengers.


    For me its not the money thats missing. Money will simply rain on you in such games after some hours.
    I miss the passenger/I dont like a not-filled train, if there were enough passengeres at the starting station to fill it.
    And I dont like that you are not able to estimate the following lines.


    I have my doubts about the root cause of the first bug: demolishing houses. In my game it happens a lot, even when I do not do any building or demolishing. Mayby the AI is demolishing houses on it own? But must more likely, it has another root cause.


    I think the AI demolishes buildings to upgrade them.

    But also goods can disappear from your trains so there is a another reason letting them disappear: I believe when the travel time of 20 min is exceeded they are “cancelled”.


    For the second one just make sure you have enough platforms for all your various goods (e.g. use the big truck stop not the small one)


    I don’t see the pax jumping train as a bug.  As long as how I understand it is how it is.

    I see it as their timer has expired.  So they’re not where they’re going and therefore not available to you any more.  I would look at increasing frequency of the feeder and or the train to prevent this.

    Maybe i’m wrong though.

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