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    – replacement becomes necessary way too often, with many lines you will at some time end up spending allmost all your time just on replacing vehicles

    This is my nr 1 reason that i want the time scaled! Yeah i know you can pause game, replace some rides and hit play again but with a large map and MANY trucks/trains etc i’m pausing almost every 5 mins to replace something.

    Slowing down time combined with a way to replace things less complicated!


    This is indeed something that bothers me as well. If I watch a round trip or two to see how things are going it can take a year, I don’t think it’s realistic, the maps aren’t that big at all. A train going 100 km/h should take a few days, a week max to get somewhere. Basically I like everything as it is, it’s just the calendar goes by way way too fast. I played on a small map till past 2000 and I barely built on the map (considering all that would have been possible).

    MUCH slower calendar / clock time, this means vehicles, production, cities etc. working all equally faster. 1/10 seemed like too much when I read the first post but now that I think about it it would probably be appropriate. The maps aren’t 10 000 km long, and even then a train going 100 km/h would get to the end in 5 days ๐Ÿ™‚ so yes, 1/10 sounds really good to me. Just for the love of god make vehicles just as much faster to move, income changing accordingly etc.

    Best suggestion I read.


    edit: I do replacing while in pause so that doesn’t matter much to me. ๐Ÿ™‚ send to depot and sell, buy x new ones and assign them…

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    even if you pause the game to replace vehicles, the time it takes for them to all get to the depot and for the new ones to get out on the line takes so many years that you accumulate a huge deficit.

    especially on freight lines where industries cut the production immediately and it takes you 20 years to make a profit again.


    I trie to first stop the game, then buy the new vehicle, send the oldones back to depote and sell, and in the same time i set up the new vehicle to the same line. so there is nor big cap and the frequency does not drop. and this game is all about the frequency. i can imagen it is difficult to do this on single track railroads. in this situation, i also pause the game right after the train i want to replace gets to the station and drops of the passengers, then i ll send him to the depote and sell it. at the same time i already bought the new train and i set it to the lane. keep in mind this works easy with double track, for single track you need to figure out wich way the train will leave the depote (if you made a crossing in both direction) and the train which will be sold, should come from the other direction, so they do not get stuck.

    this process is getting harder and will accure more often the further you’ll get, or the bigger your network is.

    this needs to be done.


    I haven’t bought the game yet. So I can’t comment much on this feature. But this is one of the main reasons of why I haven’t bought it. This is the reasons why I haven’t really got into many similiar games. The time aspect of simulation games like this is often quite absurd. And based on your compent this game is no exception.

    It would be really nice to get some developer feedback on this (though I’m sure they are really busy right now). I don’t know much about how moddable the game will be/is. If it’s only possible to add new models and asthetics or if it’s possible to modify the game mechanics/scripts as well? Because if so I might just pick up the game for the sake of modding perhaps..


    By that time passes so quickly – the game does not give me pleasure. Do not give chance to watch a vehicle in motion, test routes like. :(.

    Are the creators listen to our prayers? Do you even read our topics?


    I posted in this thread earlier but i’d like to post again with an update,

    i’ve now reached the “later” stages in the game (1960+), and new trains arrive much, much too fast. At one point i had i think 7 trains to choose from, and comparing to the 15 years between steam trains there’s definitely an issue of pace in the later stages of the game. Untill 1950-1960 this wasn’t a problem, but imo after this point something has to be done with the pacing, making those years last longer than before 1950 might be a easy fix, but i definitely think something sould be done about it. The pace at which trains become available from 1850-1950 is pretty slow, then from 1950+ it gets way too frequent comparing to the rest of the game.


    Nereksand – I would say that’s quite realistic though, between 1850 -1920 there weren’t many options to choose from in real life as the age of steam was new and these machines were expensive and time consuming to create. In more recent years that is not the case

    I’m not sure how I feel about time taking so long tbh, just think if it ran at 1/10 its current speed, it would take 10 times longer for revenue to generate and 10 times longer for new vehicles to be released at the start of the game. I think that could get quite boring for repeat play


    it is “realistic” that more and more vehicles becomes available the further into time we are, but it isn’t fun playing from 1850 and having to wait 15 or so years for a new train (Which is alot of playtime), and then after 1950 every train seems to be 7-9(?) years, which is not alot of playtime. It means that if you start a game from 1850 you do alot of waiting for new vehicles, but starting a game from for example 1950 means you have something new available quite often.

    I don’t have that much against the game pace from 1850-1950, but after that i think it’s definitely too fast

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    It’s only fast if you feel like you’re expected to replace all your trains with the latest model the moment it becomes available.ย  They still have 30-40 year lifespans, and in economic terms, you would probably be better off getting maximum use out of them to offset the cost of the initial investment.

    If you play on Hard difficulty, it becomes rather more important to consider whether it’s actually worth upgrading a vehicle ahead of it’s sell-by-date, as you’ll tend to bankrupt yourself unless you’re constantly working out how to get the most value out of everything you buy.


    I wish the game time was slow atleast hy twice. In sid meier railroads there was a parameter in config file to change speed.

    Some balance or tweaking is required in speed, considering the long time taken by vehicles and time required to analyse outcomes.



    Hi everyone,

    You can change the speed of game time?

    I think without changing the speed of the objects .

    Now a day it takes about 1 second.

    For me it would be optimal 6-12 seconds.

    The optimum would be to have this set alone.

    Good time model was in TTD one year about 20 minutes …

    Thanks for reply.

    Sorry for my probably bad english, itโ€™s not my native language.


    It’s a tough trade-off overall… I do agree that time passes too quickly, and that the flow of the game would benefit greatly from vehicles being able to make a more significant number of round-trips inside each year.

    The problem is, I’ve already sunk 50 hours into this game, and I’m only half-way through my first full play, having sunk maybe 30 hours into this map alone!

    For that reason, I think slowing the passage of time, and accordingly adjusting income levels and such to maintain the ecomonic balance, can only really be feasible if it’s possible to add faster time-multipliers to the game speed.ย  If the game was slowed down by a factor of 4, we’d really need a 16x speedup button.

    Otherwise, with a factor of 4 slowdown, it would take 60 hours minimum to get through 200 years, even if you ran the entire game at 4x speedup!


    Actually, thinking about it, while the economy should be balanced in such a case, there would be one outstanding benefit of adjusting the passage of time.ย  If you slowed the pace by 4, then sending trains/vehicles to the depot for replacement/servicing would have a quarter the impact on your network… which would be a great improvement.ย  Currently in a Hard difficulty game, sending a single train to the depot at the wrong time early in the game can very easily bankrupt you, and even if you get the timing *just* right, it can take a year or two to recover financially from the disruption! ๐Ÿ™‚


    +1, the years go by way too fast for my liking.

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