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    Time is to fast

    Train is not scaled in time, but distances are.

    Train age to fast (at least relative to game play)

    My main issue is that the map in real life terms is realtivly small, yea, it have to be to make the game playable. But everything in the game is made to real life scale and. If the map was over central London, it would not even stretch out to the M25 motorway, in Paris the A86 motorway would be barley visible. Even a smaller city like Stockholm only like 70% would fit into the map, and Stockholm does not even have high speed rail connected.

    The TGV have a distance to accelerate to 300km/h in about 20 km, the large map is 22km diagonally, and then its no room for breaking. The “TGV” in the game accelerates a little bit faster, but only slightly. So it utterly useless.

    The cities is also smaller than a quite small village, but still generate traffic to fill a high speed train. And this is to me fine and might be part of a solution.

    I have a solution in mind. Use GTA timing. In GTA every real life second, every real life second is a minut. Also, replacing a year for a day.

    Basically replace 1 January with 00:00, 30 June with 12:00 and 31 December with 23:59. Every day would be replaced with just over 4 seconds about doubling the length of a year.

    That would also make it possible to replace a km with a scaled 60 km. That mean that it would be a more realistic 100-150 km or so between the cities, in steed of just two or tre km. Also traveling in 60km/h would still make it that you travle 60km in one game hour (60 real seconds 1 game hour), so the train would move in the exact same speed.

    Loading time should be reconsidered. A real (intercity) train stops about 2-3 minutes. The train in train fever stops for about 10-15 seconds, that’s quite a long time relative to the traveling time. (scale or not).

    Also with a scaled acceleration the game would be more snappy and more enjoyable to play. Play a world simulation game in real time is kind of strange.


    Personally I would also like to have the more slowly passed epic gaming experience, and slowing down the game time, I would welcome it. But lot’s of players on contrary would like a faster game pace. So a slider to adjust the game time scale from /4 to x4 would probably suite all of us.

    Traian Trante



    +1 from me for slowing the time or allowing the user to choose a time scale.

    It takes time in the game to achieve results. Even to replace a vehicle, it takes months.


    Could have like a Scale mode (with 24 minutes per year, one second a minute), a Classic mode (like today) and a Arcade mode (Trains accelerate faster and times gods faster)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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