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    There’s a bug in the game where sometimes, a very tiny segment will be created … so tiny that it cannot be removed because it is too small to show up on the screen and therefore cannot be selected and therefore cannot be demolished with the bulldozer-tool. However, these remaining small and invisible track-segments can still cause a problem with ‘collision’ errors because nothing can be built that ‘collides’ with the segment. This means either building round the invisible segment, or integrating the invisible segment as part of the track (which can sometimes cause tight curves or track being where you don’t want it to be). This is a nuisance because it can make a small area of the map unusable.

    Anyway, I’ve discovered how to get rid of these invisible segments. First, you build a length of track from one end of the invisible segment (snapping will enable you to connect your new length of track to the invisible segment). Then you build another length of track from the other end of the invisible segment. What you should have now is a length of track consisting of your two newly-built segments plus the invisible segment in the middle. What you do next is to build a switch on that length of track. The invisible segment, which is in the middle of the length of track will be merged into the switch-segment. Now demolish the switch (along with any small and hopefully-visible segments that were left over from the switch), and that annoying invisible segment should now be gone.

    Just in case you cannot build a switch, make sure your newly-built length of track has a total length that is long enough to build a switch on. Also, the two newly-built segments in the length of track should ideally have the same curvature and gradient. They don’t have to be a perfect match, but if the segments are curved, both should curve in the same direction (left or right) and have similar radii. Also, the first and second segments should have a similar gradient (ideally, they should be flat). Make sure the switch covers the invisible segment (this should be easy if the invisible segment is in the middle of the length of track, and you are using most of this length to build the switch. Another hazard that you might run into is that when connecting to the invisible segment, you might start building the new segment next to the invisible segment instead of at one of the ends of the invisible segment (like you would do when building a double-track). To prevent this, make sure you know exactly where the segment is – there are 3 places you can snap to, the left of the segment, the segment, or the right of the segment. Choose the middle one.

    Hope this helps.


    I didn’t experienced this bug yet, but thanks for sharing. I’ll keep this in mind.


    I had two of those tiny segments in my last map and that’s the way I got rid of them:

    1. Using the terrain tools and zoom, locate the position of the segment.  It’s easy, whenever the white circle touches any part of the segment, it turns red.
    2. Dig around the segment the closer you can with the smallest circle.  If done correctly the offending segment will become apparent.  Dig quite a deep hole around.
    3. Zoom in and move the camera and use the buldozer tool until you demolish it.  Pay attention that the segment can be very tiny, even one pixel in size.  Move around the cursor until it is marked selected in yellow.
    4. Flatten the terrain to leave everything like it was at the beginning.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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