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    Hi all – enjoying Train Fever. Thoguht I’d share a few things I’ve learned so far:

    You can convert a bus line to a tram line – do do this, I open the bus line window, then follow the route with tram tracks so all stops are covered. The game engine will then move your bus line over to the tram line tab. Now you can assign trams to the line. This is a great way to introduce trams on your busiest routes.

    You can assign buses to tram lines – just buy the bus and assign it the tram line if you like.

    You ban built tram tracks on cart tracks – you can build tram tracks on any road, including those farm tracks you see all over them place. I use them for making off-road loops for the trams.

    Combine stops – use the group function to combine two or more stops together (eg station and bus stop, two bus stops at an intersection). This seems to just provide a single place for stats on number waiting, but it also provides a common name, cleaning up your map.  When you do this, any waiting passengers will temporarily disappear but they come back fairly quickly.

    Replacing a station – built the wrong size station and want a bigger one. Pause the game. Make sure there are no trains in the station or close. Delete the station, build the new and reconnect the track. The game engine will then relink the new station to the lines (if it is in the same place, it should also assign same name to the station).

    Building track realistically – take your time when laying your train route. Use shorter segments and pay attention to the slope tool – manually set it if you want flat or a continuous slope (such as climbing a mountain to pass). Turn contours on to help you design the route. Think ahead for climbing over mountains – you may need to build loops to climb a gradient that a steam train can climb. Use the slope tool to set the smallest slope and then build your route over the mountains. Later as you get more money and more powerful locomotives, you can build a steep line, or tunnel under the mountain, then abandon the old line.

    Share yours…….


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    I deleted the road between my two towns and people couldn’t drive anymore and my train station got more people on it.

    evil but it worked

    But I may need to look into it more meaning people won’t go to work in heat city anymore if they don’t want to use the train or go to the shops


    “I deleted the road between my two towns and people couldn’t drive anymore and my train station got more people on it.”

    It doesn’t work for long. I tried that and the game rebuilt it.


    Replacing stations results in a sudden death of the program, with a crash to desktop. So beware trying it and save before! 😉

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