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    Is it possible to force a town to expand in the direction you want?

    I’ve tried building streets and roads hoping to see some development along them but, it doesn’t seem to happen that way. It would be interesting to force adjacent towns to merge into a metropolis and then try sorting out the transport requirements.

    Perhaps….. In TF XVIII



    sometimes it helps to build a busline in the area where you want the town to expand


    I’m almost there – both cities have buildings at the edge of the middle block, you can see where the centres originally were by the city names.

    (Click for larger)

    You can encourage cities to grow in certain directions by building the roads for them to fill, and by building train stations on the edge. You can also surround the city with a railway line so it can’t automatically expand in that direction.

    This city has 6 railway stations totalling 26 platforms, and is directly connected to every other city on the map non-stop. There are also 3 tram lines running the full length.

    P.S. I know it isn’t pretty – was more of an experiment than an attempt to make something perfect!

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    The city grows towards the available inter city stations you put down. They want to live near their connection. If you make a road tunnel under the station which I always do I make say 5  or 6 tunnels under the station and its tracks they will start building on the other side of the station too.

    The game willl not make roads  over rail. So you can just put down a single rail to stop the AI from building in that direction.



    I think that’s pretty cool. Did you use the 10xcapacity from DazMatze?


    Thanks for all the advice folks, I shall start a new small world to experiment with as, I couldn’t force the existing one to play despite following your tips. Wound up deleting all rail links, stuck with buses and trucks, I’m now a billionaire+ but this makes a mockery of the game title ‘Train Fever’.

    Might not be making the progress I would like but, with all the help and tips on the forums I’m certainly learning some excellent tricks and workarounds.



    Tattoo – if you were asking about mine, no I didn’t use the 10x capacity mod. Enfield has ~2000 population and Ventnor has ~1500 (game started in 1950).

    Participant I got just over 4000 in this twincity but the game has got so slow that I have given up playing it..

    the one thing I did to bring the two cities together was put a train station in the middle, although they stopped using the trains, they did start building in the space

    I’m currently working on another map. this time I have the 6 lane mod and hopefully I will be able to avoid the traffic jams

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