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    I wish to inform you of a couple of bugs I have seen when destroying track (in order to replace with high speed track).

    1. I have a section of track between cities A — B which consists of (lets say) 100 small sections of track.  Very occasionaly (about once every 4 hours) I will destroy one of these small sections of track, yet further down  the line another section of track (same line but totally different section) is also destroyed.  And needs to be replaced.
    2. Also when destroying a section of track to replace with high speed lines, sometimes the section can not be selected (normally a small section) and hence not destroyed.  The ‘workaround’ is to place a switch as this section, then destroy the switch and the remaining track.  This only started occuring since the update on 26th September.

    Another issue, not really a bug but a design issue is that when selecting track to destroy is is sometimes very finicky to do so and you have to get your mouse in exactly the right place and a pixel or 2 wrong then the track is not selected and cannot be destroyed.  It seems to me as if you really need to place the cursor exactly on a track buffer.  This could be improved so that it is selected within a greater radius of the cursor.

    And finally, a feature request.

    Building track can be expensive and sometimes you don’t know if what you want to do will work or not.  There needs to be some kind of either build and then commit method (the game can be paused) or some method of getting the cost of laying track (including all landscaping) back if you destroy it within xxx amount of game time.






Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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