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    After playing 76 hours I’d like to talk about an anoying feature with no need:

    Often, if I try to attach/remove another signal, crossing or electrification to existing track, the message “Track is blocked” will appear. Why? Okay, technically I know there is another train on that track (though I sometimes might have to try which one), and in most cases I can stop this train, do what I want and get the train back going. But as a player I must say: do we really need that? To be honest it is just a great way of wasting time to wait for all blocking vehicles to pass by, or stop them. It also causes traffic jams when there is no need for them.

    I also see that in reality there would be a certain risk for the workers fiddling around with track if there are trains on it. But in a game? Come on, please give us the comfort to just do this! I don’t call this “error” but  I am talking about ergonomics here…

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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