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    I have some ideas on traffic management in the game.

    When I decide which towns I want to use internal passenger movement early in the game I will expand the streets to large ones.  Because these fit bus lanes best in the future.

    When you get your usage number up to 90% or so even late game and pop around 1500 traffic is not a problem.  So more lines, etc.  Of course you’ll lose a ton of money late game with the modern buses, but hopefully most of those pax you’re moving on the rail and making more money back.

    Anyone else with traffic handling ideas?


    That is a good question, especially for the late game (1950+). It is impossible to make a profit with trains (I play hard mode), so one has to rely on trams and buses to get some profit, enough to cover the losses of the trains. So once it gets 1950+ it becomes a real struggle against the ridicules traffic, and the horrible traffic manager. I do not have a satisfying answer for the problem at the moment. Pre-1950 is playable, post-1950 not.


    The travel time script by car should also consider the extra travel time caused  by the huge traffic jams. In real-life it is also a important reason to prefer a train over a car.


    I’m not convinced about that. Firstly, in reality, the same people are sitting each and every day in the same traffic jam. They also do not take in account that the route they take is the slowest at that time of day, but they took it anyway.

    I have the impression the cross road management is bad. Cars get too easily stuck in a simple deadlock, while trying to turn. And, once a jam notices it is waiting for itself (eg around the block) it should pull out cars, which turn around and look for another path.

    But I think that the installation of the announced traffic lights might bring some slack in the jam… I hope so.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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