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    I’m playing on a game at 2080 and ive been having great problems for the last 50-80 years because the traffic is so bad.

    Because of that the freq of my bus lanes plummets to the ground and so i can follow on how good the traffic is by just looking on how much my main train line is doing. Some years it’s at 10-15 m pluss then others only 2-4 m pluss.

    When i’m looking on the bus lines i see the buses are stuck in huge traffic congestion usually made because, well theres no signal helping the traffic to flow so the cars are driving like 4 – 5 at a time through a road cross then those in the other direction can cross. Also they tend to choose the closest route available instead of that big avenue(which they mostly only use 2 of 5 lines of) So basically traffic isn’t very efficient atm.

    And also bus lanes don’t work :C IF they did then most of my lines would be turning huge profits at this moment of time because more people would have used the buses :/

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