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    Do Engine Depots have any other function then making new trains or selling off old trains?

    I ask because I remember older tycoon type games that encouraged having a train depots along routes to reduce running cost.  if a train operated between point A and point B without passing a depot it’s running cost would go up faster then normal, but as long as it passed a depot regularly the running cost would rise normally with age.

    I have not played this game long enough or on a harder then easy level to notice, but I am wondering if anyone noticed a difference.

    And if it doesn’t make a difference, should this be something we should be asking for in a future update?


    I don’t think depots have any impact on maintenance costs, which appears to only depends on time.

    I do not think this would be a useful feature and developers already have more important stuff to improve (if they are willing to) like balancing (e.g. capacities, running costs, infrastructure costs…), vehicles reversals when changing roads/rails, x crossings, street over rail crossings etc.


    wow,  yes it does sound like they have a lot to work on,  it’s still a good time burner and very enjoyable.

    Thanks for the feed back.


    I however doubt they are actually improving the game. I played it again today after not having touched it for about 6 months and some big issues that were present back then are still in the game

    – performance at month turnover on big maps is still an issue

    – double track lines are still switching driving directions or even going to using single track when setting up entirly different lines

    – simulated people still disappear while driving on a train (taking the place of other passengers waiting at the platform and costing you money since they only pay when getting off the train)

    – no way to remove a piece of road that is considered a main connection without creating a bypass first (in real world you can close off roads, modernize them, move them if needed and reopen them). Always fun when you want to go from level crossing to a bridge or tunnel …



    You are only partly right as they created a mod that removes the main connection “feature”.

    I never experienced your second point, but this would be really annoying. Probably just as annoying as the electrification of lines (when I electrify lines I often find too late that some of my trains is stuck – maybe just because a little piece of track is not electrified – and then even lose about all the passengers which takes several years to get up to normal again)

    You can also add to the annoying points that road over rail passings (impossible to do, impossible to update roads etc.).

    In the end I still find the game enjoyable, but after having played it 2-3 times it rapidly loses interest (all maps are kind of the same). I shall try to install some mods…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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