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    STOP RIPPING US OFF and actually fix the many, many aspects of the product that are ripping people off once they have purchased this product.

    Crowd Funding for computer games? This company is why you should never do it.

    This is a RAILWAY game, so allow us to actually build them, without giving constant “Illegal Error” messages. Do you actually wish your customers to be able to actually use your product or not???

    Fix the huge Demand/Supply imbalance you built. No customer wishes to build 30 buses per line to get a 30-second service, as in the real (London) world, buses arrive every 5-12 minutes and actually pick up all the passengers, and also carry upto 100 passengers. This must be fixed.

    Fix the imbalance that at “Hard” level ensures every train will lose money after 5 years. I think the game is called TRAIN fever, at hard level only inter-city buses make a constant profit, railways are toast.

    Balance the damn game properly!


    Well, as a one who has all the achievements done and got 1 billion on my bank account with hard difficulty by 2020 i can’t completely agree. Yes, it needs balancing and quite a bit, but it’s still possible to make lot of money with trains on hard difficulty and on medium you don’t need road vehicles at all.

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    I also confirm that making money with trains at hard level is not that difficult. I constantly have train lines in the 1-4 million profit range and almost never have them lose money (apart from the first 1-2 years that is required to attract passengers). I even think that train lines could be more profitable than bus lines if you connect more cities on the same line (allowing passengers to go farther to subsequent cities and therefore pay more).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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