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    I am using Train fever few days (Build 5798 from GOG Games) with Windows 8.1  64 bit. It was very reliable until I got the idea to stress it with 500+ cars in a big circle (using the mod “no_costs”).  This works over several hours with no problems but then the screen freezes for more than 5 minutes and I had to cancel Train fever with the Task manager.

    This is acceptable for me, as long as I can use the saved games and restart again. Unfortunately the last saved version also freeze after some month.

    But the worst: Now even a new game without any mod freezes after some months even in  1850. Is there a chance to “repair” this or must I new install the game? Must I save all my data/saved games?


    While it is known that the game suffers performance issues later in the game when it has to deal with a lot of income and a lot of agents, I’ve never heard of performance issues early on in the game. Could you upload the savegame that caused this issue?


    I also did not expect a freeze in 1850, so there was neither a manual nor any automatic saved game. But I also was curious and loaded another early saved game, which I played weeks ago. Now it freezes again, but it was error free weeks ago.

    So, I became very sure, that the installation was corrupted and re-installed the whole software. Started a new game (without any mods) and it works problem-free now for several hours.

    Sorry, when I cannot give more information. I will observe more detailled, when it happens again.


    Not sure if this applies,  but the same thing was happening to me,  I traced the problem to what I call garbage collection, an old programing reference to old data stored in RAM

    I normally do not shut down my computer but let it sleep between sessions.  When I noticed the game lagging or freezing up I re-boot Windows and all is fine again.

    Of course if you shut down Windows after every session then I guess this is not the problem your having.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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