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    One thing that would be useful to add would be some rough guidance as to how many carriages to add to the starting trains. On flat tracks, can the starting trains pull 3 carriages, or 6, or 9?



    That requires testing on every single train. Its a lot of work. But I did some testing once, and I had to put 30 wagons on a 1850 train to make it go at 1 Km/h on flat land. They do carry a lot of weight, they are just not fast. Strong and slow.



    I think 1 km/h is a hardcoded minimum for the speed






    Hi douglas,

    would you improve the frquency article in the guide based on the current knowledge ?

    frequency  – it is how often a vehicle passes any point on the line.

    Add a picture and trainfuleza’s explanation.




    I don’t have a definition of frequency in the guide.  At least I couldn’t find it. Where is it?



    I was referring to some steam guide in my post not what you have done. Have a look at this whole thread and maybe add it to your guide?




    In the guide there is often reference to 20 minutes to share the interest beetwen two solutions to link two points.

    How can i measure this 20 minutes ?

    A person walk beetwen his home and a bus stop, how can i measure the time necessary to reach the bus stop ?

    How can i measure the time taken beetwen two train stations ?

    Is it variable or constant ?

    Thank you for any clue.


    Addendum :

    A post dated of 27 November bring a response to my question :

    We have to do a measurement with a test.

    It seems we haven’t tool to estimate the global time travel.

    Perhaps a mod in the future ?

    Guilhem michel.




    The 20 minute rule is not to break your head around it. I mention just to make clear that you need to make fast connections between places, otherwise people won’t use your services. That is an easy way to explain why people prefer cars instead of buses, trains etc, depending on the route.

    Measure the time will be very annoying and hard, considering the roads have different speed limits.

    Its just a tip, and with that, make fast connections between the cities. For sure most people will use it.



    Thank you.

    The better way is to make road for an augmentation in the future, putting bus stop when the soft permit this at the minimum distance with the previous bus stop.

    Preferring large roads, numerous train lines, more than 4 wagons by train ( not exceed 8 ) and a good management of waypoints.

    Guilhem michel.



    You say in your guide “Remember the reasonable travel time : 20 minutes (2.5 Years)

    I disagree with this statement.

    For me reasonable travel time is 2 Years (24 min 20 secs).

    1 day is 2 seconds in the game. I calculated it with a stopwatch.



    Hi, thanks for the guide, I wanted to ask for money back (on GOG), until I have found this guide, because I did not understand the materials transportation. So very much thanks! Thanks to your guide I could start playing well (on medium, not hard).


    I have one addendum, which I have found accidentally – buttons N and M works for roads to create easily bridge over rail etc. Just drag road across some obstacle and then try N and M.

    On the other hand I am a bit stuck about signals and have to test it more. I mean that it seems that line selects automatically one fixed track to use in station and train won’t go to other if this one is occupied. So I am really looking forward to some hints about building a railway network. At least something for start…




    Hi Mvek,

    Trains don’t go where its free, they have a defined path. If you want to change their path use waypoints not signals. Signals are only to avoid a crash (or in this case, avoid trains being stuck facing each other).

    Unfortunately the rail network part of the guide will probably never come. Because since today I never being able to create a huge network due to lost of saved game each time the game update. That has being fixed with the new system mod, and now I finally have a big complex network. Problem now is that the performance is so bad I have no motivation to play. I can only put the camera facing down and zoomed in. Otherwise the game freeze. And I have a computer with specs to play GTA V.
    I can’t grow my network like this. All I did was connect all cities in the map and make 1 route to deliver goods in 5 towns. That’s it, now unplayable.



    Yep, I have experimented with it a bit. Even though I knew from some reviews that the game lacks “PBS” from OpenTTD and TTDPatch, I have not understand this part from your example of rail design with signals. Hm, that sucks… Pitty, I am still switching between “like the game” and “annoyed”. To build a bigger network then has to look really strangely…

    And yes, well I am having lag at each month with a few tracks and vehicles, without any mods, so I can understand your frustration.



    The signals in TF are perfect. I see no reason for dozens types of signals like TTD have. I can do anything I want with the current signals. Its simple to use, the guide also have a section for signals, did u read?

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