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    I haven’t been playing this game for quite some time now, and decided to start a new game yesterday.

    Everything went fine, until one of my train stopped. I don’t understand what’s wrong, but it might be a bug, or maybe I did something wrong?

    Here you can see the passing loop. The train on the right stopped because of the train on the left. I have no idea why the train on the left have stopped, even thought the line is clear, and there is no other train coming the other way.

    This is the other end. Two signals here as well.

    Full overview.

    I have no idea what’s wrong. Is it a bug?


    The problem is the way signals define a “clear” path. The signals use “path”not “block” based and dependent upon the “line” not the nearest available clear path.

    Simply remove one of the signals on the single track lines and that should fix it.


    I can go into detail as to what causes this if you want.


    Click on the “routes” icon to enable the route display. This will show you that both the forwards and backwards route will try to take the same track. The train on the single track is not planned to switch to the side track.

    The reason is that you placed too many signals. Never place a signal where a stopped train would block traffic. More exactly: Never place a signal on the single track side of a switch.

    You also placed signals on the two-track side of the switch – also too many. Train fever uses a score system to determine which path to choose – passing a signal in correct direction has a bonus. Passing a signal in opposite direction reduces the score. The route you created will pass one correct and one opposite signal on both tracks, so the AI cannot choose one based on signal scores and will use the shorter track length.

    When creating such a passing siding, only ever place ONE signal at both double track ends, and no signal on the single track parts. And check if the route will use both tracks.


    Thank you very much, both of you! I’m sorry for my late reply.

    I tried to remove some signals, but it’s still not working.

    Here is the main station before removing signals:

    The line I’m having trouble with right now is the one going to the right.

    I’m not sure if I understood correctly, but this is how it looks now:


    Still not working.


    Can you upload the save file so we can test it, I think I know what it might be but I probably won’t be able to truly re-create it on a different map.


    I’ve looked through my documents, and the game folder, but I can’t find any save files. Where do I find it?


    The correct way to signal a passing loop is to provide a single ‘one-way’ signal at the exit end of the loop on both tracks (signal placed on the  RH side of the line in direction of travel).

    Any additional signals will cause problems.

    PS It’s important that the signals are ‘one-way’.  Click on the signals after placing then select ‘one-way’; this blocks the line to trains approaching in the opposite direction.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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