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    This below started with attempts to get the best frequency on train lines.

    It appears to me ( tell me if I’m wrong) that the train will always take the shortest(hence quickest) path,  this means that rather than take the available route you must use signals to to force the train to another path. Thats fine with 1 passing line. I build a single line then add a second line which joins just before the station  add signals and voila effectively two almost whole lines and little wait time enough to run 3 trains almost continuously.

    The problem then comes when you want to add a 3rdor 4th line  joined to  the mainline , then you have 2 effective lines each way(in the case of 4th). the trains cannot use the second path as there is a quicker shorter route. so you cant achieve anything here, perhaps waypoints will fix this.

    I have a problem in  the game with the train checking if there is a train ahead(without signals) and wont go till the next train has either past a signal or station. Why is this? I presume to stop collisions, surely stopping collisions should be the players task not the pathing algortihm. Who knows crashes could even be fun, certainly model trainsets have them and so does the real would. Why cant trains just run.

    There are other solutions to the frequency issue , I call  a mobius line (dont really know if this is correct). town A and town B each have a 2 platform(P) station each platforms have left and right(L/R) entry/exits. P1L in A is connected to P1R in B, then P1Rin A is connected P2R in B etc  , this sort of helical/mobius setup requires one tunnel to complete a line which visits each town twice in a complete run of the lines length.  With signals allowing only one way I ran 10 trains in 1857 to get that milestone reward, frequency was 2 minutes but really 1 minute as each town was visited twice. {Note there is single line , but you need to add each station A/B/A/B  , and also the denizens treat each station 2 platforms as if it was one only,  quite cool really .( as opposed to two separate lines A/B P1 and  A/B P2)}



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