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    I’ve been fighting with signals and junctions, and i wanted to know if this is possible, because if it’s not i can stop trying it.

    Thinking that i have:

    2 – trains on the same line
    1 – Station with 2 lines

    Can i make it so that the trains use Both station lines, let’s say that there is 1 train sttoped in the station, and the other one is coming, can he movesto the second line in the station?

    because im trying and the trains keep using only 1 stop line and then they stop head on to each other.


    I tired this also but it didn’t work, I just made it so the train can’t go on the other track and make a separate depot for the line, you can make a 1 line station and have 2 tracks, you just need a signal before the station and the train will stop To let the other out the station.


    yeah, that part i already managed to do, 1 line station and a 2 track line.
    and now i keept trying what i said and when my line was almost finished and i was about to try it out… i missplaced a tunel and now i can’t delete it with the buldozer dunno why >.> freaking tunnel


    If the station with 2 tracks is at the end of the line and has no tracks continuing after the station, then you can make it work, by setting up track signals on BOTH sides of the track for both the station tracks.

    Otherwise it will not work, and you will have to wait for it to be fixed.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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