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    In the game road lines automatically regulate themselves to give an evenly spaced service; sadly trains don’t do this.  This makes it difficult and time consuming as we have to regulate them manually.

    A simple solution to this problem would be to copy real railways.  Use timetables!

    Timetables would be a simple way to regulate train services to give an even interval between trains.  They could also be used to regulate traffic through junctions and shared stations.


    Or you can use traffic lights to control, ehm , traffic. 🙂

    It works quite well, simply cut your route by lighs to the blocks, so the trains will not have a chance to share the block. Therfore they will keep spacing.


    @gGeorg. that works fine with 2 trains but with 4 or more trains and goods and passenger lines using the same track it gets messy  soon


    The spacing for Trains is off by miles, it just doesn’t work. I’ve tried with signals etc, but instead resort to not having trains with multiple stops. They just relay.

    However, once waypoints are in, Trains will be at least a little more realistic.

    I agree with the OP that something needs to be done with spacing. That can either be timetables or stop durations, OR the devs can work on the code for train spacing so they don’t play follow the leader.

    We don’t really have the tools available in-game to create optimal, and realistic rail networks.


    Making timetable will completely change the logic of train running, as a software developer, I don’t think they will introduce it soon.

    Whta’s more, defining a timetable is much more complicated than you have imagined, in real life(as I worked at SNCF on a timetable project before), timetable is made up by 3 levels : MISSON / PATH MODEL / PATH, in the train fever, we have already MISSION level( a macro level timetable, that defines stops), PATH MODEL and PATH (both micro level) is not there. PATH MODEL defines the track to use and the conceptual timetable constraints such as stopping duration, departure time and waiting constraints(the train can not part before the arrival of another PATH, or train etc) for one pattern of stops, and PATH defines departure time of the very first stop. I think that will be difficult for beginners to master these concepts.


    What’s more, with timetable you will never have round trip, you link the single-ride to be a round trip or send the train to the depot after the timetable

    And the game should implement real life scale time.

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    Atm I have a game with:

    6 trains on the line across 4 cityes, spacing by lights works well.
    Also I have an Express line, 2 trains across 4 citzes spacisn by lighs, works well.

    Idea is:

    6 trains means that you have to use at least 6 blocks created by lighs.

    You have 4 cityes, lines goes forth and back, on the double track. So its 8 blocks by natural, from city to city. All you have to do is createone larger block, maybe two cityes are closer. Therfoere you will 7 blocks for 6 trains. One block will be larger one, so this one will make sure that trains are spaced equaly, and dont clump right after another.


    If I do anything wrong, please let me know.

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    I know it is possible with using blocks to space the trains but when for example you are building in a hilly map you don’t have that many lines and you are forced especially in the beginning to intertwine lines and then you need small blocks for fast drive through. What I would really like is that you also have the timetable for the train station so you can see if everything fits on the tracks and optimize the use of the tracks and crossovers. Also the boarding time should be shortend because at the moment a could line waits way to long at the station. I think boarding time should depend on the number of doors your train has or something like that and you should be able to upgrade your station so people board trains faster.

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