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    Maybe some of you know the Browser Game “Rail Nation” – if not – just visit here for a Overview –>

    This game is all about Cargo – 48 types – all of them needed by one city to grow.

    I think this could be a lot of fun..

    My idea:

    A new mode in Trainfever based completely on these cargo types.

    1 small city/town on the map only which will be leveled up and will grow if enough of the right goods are delivered.

    The rest of the map will be used for the different types of farms, mines, industry etc.. there are placeholders for the industries on the map.

    1 type of random standard raw materials in the start (like wood, grain, iron ore etc..) – every level up you have to deliver 1 type of additional goods up to a maximum of 10 different cargo types. The game starts with the available trains in 1900 up to the 21st century in Level 50.

    Every level the town/city grows and needs a bit more cargo.

    After 5 levels or after some time you get better trains and new types of waggons & cargo.

    After all types of cargo were delivered in the city you have additional levels

    for example:

    Game starts:

    City Level 1:

    Needs at least 20 tons of: Wood

    City Level 2:

    Needs at least 25 tons of: Wood, Grain

    City Level 3:

    Needs at least 30 tons of: Wood, Grain, Iron ore

    City Level 4:

    Needs at least 35 tons of: Wood, Grain, Iron ore, Cattle – you need to supply grain to the cattle farm to get more output

    City Level 5:

    Needs at least 40 tons of: Wood, Grain, Iron ore, Cattle, Planks – you need to supply wood to the sawmill to get more output

    to be continued 🙂



    The minimum delivery of cargo is needed every month.

    At Level 5 you get the following:

    – new trains, new waggons, 4 additional cargo’s, city grows

    – Level 6:

    45 tons of Wood, Grain, Iron ore, Cattle, Planks and Coal

    Level 7:

    50 tons of Wood, Grain, Iron ore, Cattle, Planks, Coal and Iron – you need to supply coal and iron ore to the smelter.


    following cargo could be generated:

    – raw materials

    without need of supply: e.g. quartz, copper ore, bauxite, cotton, oil,

    – standard materials e.g.:
    meat (supply grain for cattle, cattle for meat)

    copper (supply copper ore & coal)

    glass (supply quartz)

    oil refinery (oil)

    silicium (quartz)

    steel (iron & coal)

    aluminium (bauxite)

    bricks (quartz)

    thread (cotton)

    – Mid-Game industry e.g:

    windows (glass, plastics, wooden planks)

    plastics ( oil & oil refined products)

    petrol (oil & oil refined products)

    cloth (thread)

    Endgame industry:

    electronics (plastics, silicium)

    cars (steel, glass, plastics, electronics)

    furniture (wooden planks, thread)


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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