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    Videos from beta testers have stated that trains currently cannot choose platforms. Instead platforms are one per line, and all trains on one line will use the same platform. Is trains choosing platforms like in openTTD a feature intended for release?


    it is very high on their to do list to implement waypoints for lines (not individual trains of course.)


    Good to hear this, although it should only be done by trains in case, if their standard platform is blocked.
    I don’t know about other countries but in Germany, trains are always assigned to the same platform, except there is something preventing this e.G. other train standing in it.


    Trains should have a favorite (waypoint) platform and then alternate based on signals, like in simutrans.

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    Traian Trante

    From what i understood, this is the way it is now. If a train cant go to his standard platfor, ge goes wherever it’s free in that station.


    It sure looks that way ๐Ÿ™‚


    @Traian Trante

    No, looking at the beta footage, that is clearly not the case. I would like a definite answer here, as it will effect my decision to buy the game. Will trains be able to choose a different platform if their normal one is blocked in the release version?


    no it won’t and considering we don’t even have accurate working timetables, it doesn’t seem necessary.

    the train will simply wait a couple of seconds until the platform is clear and then it will proceed.


    This is a problem. ย What if multiple trains are waiting for full-load?



    I think thats a bit harsh criteria, let the train wait a few seconds or build a multiplatform station, so multiple trains can drive in.
    And I think, it stands on the todo-list, a 5-Men-Devteam builded this beautiful and really good game, to say “I don’t buy it because trains can’t chose different platforms yet” is like to say “I don’t buy that pizza because it lacks one of those many salami pieces on it”.
    To make it short: You would regret it, if you don’t buy it since you would miss one of the first very good games in this genre since the RT3.
    In Germany we got a saying: “Good things take their time” and this is especially true here. I’m sure, they’ll add some of the little features like this one here, that people are missing, maybe even before release for the beta testers to test, only devs can tell.


    I’m sorry, but I don’t consider this as a little feature. I consider it an important part of the signalling system. If it is not there, more complex networks become rather pointless. Also trains waiting for a specific platform has the potential to cause large delays through no fault of the player. It was in TTD, it was in Locomotion, and neither of those had path signals! With path signals, as seen in openTTD, it is easy for this to happen, so there is no reason why such a feature is lacking. If it is in release version I will definitely buy it, if it is not in I shall think more carefully over my decision to purchase.


    I have already pre purchased the game , but I must say that eldomtom is Right.

    It won’t stop me from playing, as i can’t wait anymore , but it would be great if this issue is fixed before the launch .

    and yeah , this is an issue .ย  What happens if your train is waiting for full load , and you have two other trains on the same line ? weird … This has to be fixed , i think ..


    Sorry for my bad english , eh …


    I don’t think the developers will decide to introduce this only because a person says he won’t buy the game ๐Ÿ™‚

    I support the proposal, it is pretty interesting and realistic, but it is not on the top of the missing feature I’d say. For example, I think multiplayer and competitive AI is much more important in the list of features people would like to see. And in any case, this is already a wonderful game and I don’t think any fan of train game is ready to wait other like 5 years for anything fairly close to this. ๐Ÿ˜‰


    I agree with Arazel. This is the best transport based game that has been developed for such a long time and considering the small but very experienced dev team, I think it is going to be ironed out before too long. I am sure the dev team are aware of this and will no doubt have this issue on the top of their to do list. It may get fixed before actual release, or it might be later after release with a patch.

    How many games get released without some little bug? Not many.

    To not buy a game because it is not 100% perfect at the release stage, is being a bit too picky! But I am sure that 99% of us who like these sort of games will not be put off from buying it. From what I have seen of the game so far, is very good and I am sure it will have a huge following.

    There are other people who are not happy that multiplayer will not be in the release version, but that is on the to do list by the dev team. Personally, I couldn’t give a toss about multiplayer games. I never use multiplayer for several reasons. I just like to amble on, on my own and enjoy building up my own empire. Competition with the AI is good enough for me, without worrying about other real players who throw their toys out of the pram, if things aren’t going their way. I have seen it all before.

    So my advice to you cdmonton2. is to buy the game and don’t run it down before you have tried it for yourself. Problems like this will get sorted out and once they are, this should satisfy everyone, or nearly everyone, because you will always get the moaners.


    if trains are waiting for full load and you have more trains on the same line waiting to get to the station then you clearly have way too many trains on that line for the production capacity and they will just loose money. and it won’t speed up the proceedings if trains would choose a different platform because then you would just have more trains waiting in the station for full load, clogging up the station for other lines.

    with the waypoints which will be introduced soon you could just as well organize your lines in such a way that trains would wait in seperate tracks in front of the actual station without obstructing the through tracks (real freight yards have more than just one group of parallel tracks as well).

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