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    Ive seen this several times now. In this example, I have a train thats got place for 90 people, but there are still people left behind, even if the train isnt full.

    So I was wondering: Whats that about?

    Picture with window of not fully loaded departing train though station still has passengers

    Also, I noted other things, like people getting lost during travel (number of passengers on a train decreases while running) and others. Devs said theyre looking into making the game more optimized for running on computers, will they care about this stuff also?



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    The disappearing passengers are a known issue, which means that it’s maybe getting fixed some day.

    As for the train not fully loading: It is moving out again. Did those passengers already wait at the station while the train loaded? Passengers sometimes seem to come in groups; if the train has finished loading and a bunch of people arrive, they may have to wait for the next one.

    At least that’s the only explanation I can think of; I never noticed happening that there were 88 people waiting when the train arrived, and it took only 73 of them and left the rest.


    they could be waiting for a train into the opposite direction.


    Honestly, you can ‘headcanon’ the disappearing passengers by imagining they’re passengers that got caught by a conductor and didn’t pay a ticket. If they’re not paying their 4k to travel to the next town, they might as well not exist. It doesn’t excuse the bug, but it gives it a semi-plausible explanation.

    As for the main topic of this thread: Does the line stop at the same platform in both directions? As Stonelouse said, the people left on the platform might just look to travel the other direction. It’s the only plausible explanation, barring a very unfortunately timed bus unloading 15 people right as the train left.


    Stonelouse is most likely correct. Passengers are prolly waiting for train to opposite direction. if a station have same line going both directions the info only shows amount of passengers waiting, not the direction they are waiting for.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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