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    Hello developers. First, I would like to thank You for this very nice game. I really like it. Models of vehicles are very detailed – i love to observe my trains running thru forrests and trucks climbing over the mountains. I think, you are fullfilling the vacuum, because there was nothing like this since Locomotion and OTTD. New transport simulation game with amazing 3D graphics, without grid? Absolutely awesome! And to my question. Is it possible to release a tool, that can be used to translate game to any language? I would like to translate it to Czech. There should be online translation tool – same as OTTD have. Whole community can participate and anyone can help you. Game should be in English and other languages can be downloaded as language packs with mark of build version compatibility. I think, the translation update by community to the latest build should be a matter of hours after new version release. This can save you a lot of work. Thanks.


    Basically we’re using gettext. You can find the .mo files in the install directory:

    …\SteamApps\common\Train Fever\res\strings\de\LC_MESSAGES

    There are some tutorials online to convert .mo files into .po files.

    With a .po editor you’re able to change those translations. I’m using¬†

    Currently you can only edit an existing language (I’m not sure if english works) and preview it when selecting this language in steam.

    When you’ve got a finished translations you can contact us and we can have a look at it, to get it into the game as an official translation.


    I tried using the gettext tool in Poedit to convert the .mo to .po files, but the .po files turned out to be 0 (zero) bytes.
    I have tried different online services to convert the .mo files as well, but they all result in files that cannot be opened, because they are zero bytes.

    Any chance you could upload the .po file we need in order to translate the game?


    Hi Mikael, can you please give us the .PO files? We are trying to decompile de .MO but its failing. I can translate it to spanish. Regards

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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