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    Here’s the situation:

    City A has a steel mill next to a freight station that delivers coal to the mill. The coal comes from city B quite a bit further away hence the train connection. City B has 2 steel mills. Want i’m looking for is for the train to take ore back to city B once it has unloaded the coal at City A’s freight station. A truck delivers ore to the City A steel mill. All good.

    I setup a new truck line from the ore mine to a second truck station near the freight station. The problem is : once the truck has unloaded the ore it then nicely walks over to the steel mill instead of the freight station…. I did kind of expected that…

    The road from the freight station to the steel mill cannot be cut off of course as it delivers coal to the mill and goods to the freight station.

    My question is : can it be done ?…. How do i get the ore to travel to the freight station and not to the steel mill ?…  ( is a secondary freight station needed maybe ?…. )

    Thanks a lot for any insight !


    I’m sorry, and maybe it’s me (am not native English speaking) but I did not understand very well your description of the problem. Can you illustrate your question? Maybe then, you’ll get an answer from someone. 😉


    To me it sounds like you’re making it more complicated than it needs to be. It’s a game, not a simulation of shipping per se.

    As Yeol said, it’s hard to understand this 100% without seeing the issue. From what I gathered, you’d probably want to skip the cargo station next to the other cargo station in city B. When the ore is unloaded it will take the fastest route to a destination where it belongs. Since this ore is so far away in the first place, you’re better off making a long line either by using trucks or trains.

    Two shorter trains makes for a faster cycle than one long train, and it becomes more attractive for the ore mine to use a line with shorter waiting and transit time.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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