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    Hello everyone,i’m new here to the forums as well as Train Fever in general,having it bought only recently on Steam.

    I do have a problem with cargo,or rather,the production of the factories and mines. I have a supply line (train) that brings coal and iron to a steel mill. Considering the high output and my lines limitations,i’ve decided to upgrade the supply to two lines,using the same cargo station. Problem is,only the new line gets the cargo from now on and the old line gets to drive back and forth with empty wagons. I was under the impression that both lines would be supplied with minerals,not just one. Is this normal or a bug?


    As for the steel mill itself, whenever i upgrade one of my trains to a newer model or attach more wagons to increase my cargo transport capacity,the steel mills output completely breaks down and it takes several years until it has recovered. I feel like i’m being punished for upgrading and improving my transport capacities 🙁 Is this a bug or intended behavior?

    I’m running the game completely vanilla,no mods whatsoever installed.


    Thanks in advance for your answers 🙂



    the first problem may be explained by the fact that it makes no sense to have two lines for the same transportation: the supplier would always choose the fastest line. It would be much better to add trains on the same line and add double tracks (or sidings) with signals to manage the flow.

    the second problem is (in my view) one of the most annoying bugs of the game. I think it is caused by the fact that the line is no longer operated (and thus gets over the 20-minutes rule) so that the supplier cancels all transport orders. You can often avoid it by buying a new upgraded train and put it into the line before dismissing the old train. But again this bug sometimes also occurs when you change track layout (breaking the line) even if in pause… I sincerely hope urban games fixes this bug.



    Thank you for your answer 🙂

    Ok,i can see your point that using 2 trains on one line would be better than having two. I’ll try to do this as soon as i get the chance,


    As for problem number two,so it was a bug after all. I do hope it gets fixed soon, because it makes no sense and punishes the player 🙁 I also hope that the bug with mines/wells/forest not working although they are connected to a factory,will get fixed as well.


    I think the problem has something to do with the cargo packets lost.  If you enable the option in the bottom right menu labeled “Cargo”, cargo packets are shown and you can see them moving around to ride trains, etc.

    When you do some modifications, specially altering rail tracks, roads, etc., some of these packets are destroyed.  Since they don’t reach the intended destination, you’re punished and the working line starts anew.

    It may also happen that a working line, with just the same configuration (I don’t know why), won’t recover.  If we knew the exact mechanics of supply-demand in the game, we could, as players, do something about it…



    Alright,it’s been a little while since i was able to do anything Train Fever related. I’ve implemented the cargo line “fix” mentioned by gcampono and it’s been working wonders so far. Still,the more lines there are,the more tedious it gets and i really do hope the devs are fixing this with the next patch.



    I’ve had a working line that was running fairly well for more than 50 years,until it inexplicably started to break down and refused to eve start up again. I’ve checked every city i’ve been transporting goods to and made sure i was the only supplier. No problem there. Checked the trains and the lines,no problem there either. For some reason however,the factory decided to stop working and i was unable to get it running again.

    And of course,there are some factories,that will never work from the very beginning,no matter what you do.


    I had two lines with that same problem and eventually I got them to work again.

    If you open the window of the industry it will give you hint about why it’s not working, in the “details” tab (e.g. try to ship more goods, try to deliver more wood, etc.).

    I changed to quicker trains and that was the problem (even that with slower ones the lines were working before like a charm)…


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    New map,same problem. I’m starting to doubt the functionality of the whole system. I have a steel mill,producing goods and distributing them to 7 cities and all transport lines are within the 20 min time limit. The mill gets resources frequently,all within the time limit. Checking the details tab (which i do often) doesn’t show anything,yet production goes up to about 60,and then plummets to almost zero.

    I’m starting to think that production lines are just not worth it (due to a borked system) and the only safe thing is to stick with passenger transport.


    It is strange. In my plays I never had such a problem (but I did not yet play with the new build) that I could not explain.

    The only problems that disrupted my lines were

    1) when I made some changes on the line, such as changing stations or rails, that interrupted it (and unfortunately train fever often cancels all output – even when changes are made in pause – and this is really a bug that they should consider fixing)

    2) when the frequency of my trains dropped because the line got busier, because of more time loading/unloading goods or because trains were stuck due to signalling or electrification problems

    The only other explanation I can think of is that the game (or you) built some new roads which made delivery “by foot” faster than your lines (but it is improbable that all seven cities display this problem at the same time).

    If you can, it would be great if you send developers (or even here in the forum) the savegame just before that occurs… maybe with the savegame we could be able to tell what is going on.

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    Greno Zee

    Are you really sure all lines in the chain are within the 20 mins limit? It happened to me before that Full load setting caused the time limit to be exceeded, the production at one resource site dropped and caused the whole chain to collapse. I assume you know how the 20 mins gets calculated…


    Yes i do know about the 20 min rule: travel time + waiting time at stations and signals. All trains are within the time limit.

    After watching a few videos about cargo on YouTube, if found that the details tab in the factory info panel worked for them,but not for me,which is why i never knew what was wrong with the chain. Reinstalling the game helped fix that and now i know what’s wrong: i don’t deliver enough raw materials.

    What makes matters worse,is that all the mines i’ve connected to the chain,seem to produce less and less,with some of them not working at all anymore. Could it be,that the resource demand is divided up among the connected lines and that it would be better to have fewer connected?

    Honestly,cargo in this game is giving me a serious headache :/

    Traian Trante

    I also have issues with cargo in all my games. It especially happens if you try to deliver from one source to two different industries and the travel time differs.


    For instance if i have a forest delivering to a samwill close enough by trucks, that route will start developing and reach max potential really fast. However, if i try to deliver fom the same forest to another samwill using train over a longer range, everything goes to hell. The business MAY recover in 50 years or so, but the second sanwill never reaches full potential.


    Another issue that I found repeatedly is when trying to supply the same city from two different sources (refinery and samwill). That almost never works, especially if the supply route is two long range trains.


    Yes,I’ve had that happen too when i tried to connect a second industry to the seven cities i’m currently supplying.

    Demand from the cities has gotten so high,that it was impossible to supply them from only the steel mill. But connecting a refinery to the network,resulted in a severe output drop from the steel mill. So my conclusion is,that it is impossible to connect two industries to a network without having severe production losses from one of them. And even with rising demands from the cities,the production from the industries does not seem to increase at all. In the end,i have to industries that could (but do not) work at full capacity and cities that are constantly under-supplied.


    Wow, I quit playing this over a year ago and am seeing people still complaining over the same reason I stopped playing this. So after a year + they still haven’t fix this game and now say they are moving on to a new game, huh? All I can say is, WOW!! Talk about a major disappointment and let down. That’s ok tho because this game taught me a valuable lesson to NOT trust people who sell games on Steam. These people got my money for this game but will never get any more of it and I certainly will NOT purchase another game off of Steam unless I know for a fact that it is complete and in perfect working order. Buying a game that is still in development just is not worth the hassle or time since this game has been very disappointing.

    God luck Urban Games on your next adventure as I’ll be sure NOT to be a part of it. I’m still very disappointed with your first game that was NOT worth the money you charged for it. Again, I’ll take the loss as you taught me a valuable lesson. Lesson learned and it will never happen again.


    That’s a bit unfair both to Steam and to Urban Games, in my opinion.

    Regarding Steam, I can see no difference in buying a game in Steam or in a store and get disappointed.  Neither will give your money back, and I’ve bought lots of games in stores with just as bad (if not badder) an experience as the one you mention in your post.

    Second, Train Fever is the best game I’ve played in the last few years, and keep playing it now (246 hours).  Even with the limitations.  If Urban Games makes another one, I’ll be first to buy it (if it runs in Linux, otherwise impossible).
    The support, specially in the past, was bad, though.  The community in German is another handicap.  But the stability of the game (no crash whatsoever for me) in such a complicated simulation is a plus.

    It used to be compared with Cities Skylines here, but the thing is that I’ve played 146 hours to CS.  Skylines is bells and whistles, nothing more deep or interesting as a simulation…

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