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    All of a sudden the scrolling doesn,t work and I can,t choose in the lists of vehicles and lines.  I’m playing on a Laptop, 8GB ram, and I don’t use a mouse.  Can you help me with this, please.

    Great game!

    Greetings Olaug


    Hi Olaug!

    When you say „all the sudden“, may I ask how you scrolled the list before it stopped working?
    Scrolling is done with the mouse wheel. Laptops usually provide a “virtual mouse wheel” on the touchpad (depending on the model and vendor).

    A common mistake is to point the cursor at the icon of the vehicles, which will not scroll the list vertically, but the vehicles within one line horizontally, if there are too many to fit into the window. Try pointing the cursor at the line names on the left hand side of the window.

    Let me know if that answered your question.

    Best regards

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    Hi, Tom

    I could scroll on my previous HP-laptop.  I have bought a new laptop from asus and the touchpad is a little different.  On the HP there was a small area on the right where I could swipe to scroll up and down. The asus doesn’t have this function. From what you’re saying I think I need to buy a mouse.

    Thank you for the quick respons.



    Hi again.

    The mouse was the answer (happy again).

    Have a good weekend.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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