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    Hi, I have played the TF for a while and have successfully set a number of two-way tracks in my game. Recently I have built one but the game just do not want to use the second line. I have tried to eliminate possible sources of problems and came to conclusion that the game has problem with the second tunnel which is built in parallel with the “left” line. I have removed it and built it again. I have tried to use the waypoint, to “force” it to use the second tunnel, unfortunately with no result. The game chooses always only the left one. Any ideas? Is there a way to upload a save game which someone could look into?



    Carefully check if you don’t have a minuscule gap in track somewhere there.


    The answer is most likely signals. Check you have them at either end of a twin track section at least and if you want to force two way running on opposite tracks, simply make one of the signals one way.


    You can designate which tracks you trains follow by using ‘way-points’ (signal menu).  [You can also use signals as waypoints.]

    Simply map then using ‘add station’ tool in the same way as adding stations when setting up the line.  Note, the color line route indicator only appears when adding stations, it does not show when you add a way-point; although the way-point appears on the station list.  (I think this is a bug!)  If you have any gaps as mentioned above you will not be able to setup the line.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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