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    I am having this issue for couple last days and can not figure it out. Whenever is my streaming software Xsplit brodcaster up and runing I am not able to launch the game. Or if game is runing and then i start Xsplit software it immediately shuts TF down. Without Xsplit there are no issues whatsoever. I have reinstaled all drivers, uninstaled all mods and reinstall vanila game even renamed save folder so it is not affected by my saves. I have or can suply crash dump file ifsomebody could look at it please because i have no idea what am looking for in it nor even how to open it.

    I guess it is not related to my system spec becasue game used to and is still running ok, just that Xsplit shutting it down since few days ago. It didnt do that before.

    Intel i7 4790k, R9 280X 3GB, 16GB RAM, Win 10 64bit, loads of harddrives with plenty of storing space

    Thank you for suggestions

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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