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    I bought the game just now from the humble widget thinking it was DRM free version with an optional steam key it says “Purchase Train Fever now! Available cross-platform on Steam with purchase!”

    I realize now that its fairly obvious its saying its for steam but didn’t make sense in my mind before hand if your using steam regardless why have a humble option period? previously on games i have bought whenever this option was present it was a DRM free version and sometimes an optional steam key so my bad for thinking that would be the same here.

    I like steam but when i can i buy DRM free versions for a number of reasons but also because for single player games my partner also likes to play them and cannot because of steam unless he uses my computer we live in the same house and it seems unfair we have to buy 2 copy’s of a single player game like this just so we can both play. I Realize that’s just how it is for PC games but i always appreciate it when company’s give you the option like GOG.

    I guess i would just recommend mentioning it does not have a DRM free version and you are buying a steam key from humble. or adding a DRM free version to the humble version for people in my situation.


    I should also mention having both
    “Electronic version (Humble Bundle)”
    Electronic version (Steam)
    on the same page added to my initial thought it was a DRM free version i was buying. or at least that it wasn’t a steam key.


    Hey Corann

    Awww… that’s a bummer! Urban Games posted the preorder options in July to their website where it was made clear that both retail and digital editions will come with the Steam requirement: http://www.train-fever.com/2014/07/train-fever-now-available-for-pre-order/

    But hey… you essentially talk about sharing your copy with your partner. You can do that with Steam too. I admit, it’s not as easy as installing a DRM-free version on two computers but since you have bought the Steam edition anyway, you might want to give it a go:

    What exactly would you like to do?

    1. Play Train Fever on two different computers or
    2. Play Train Fever on two different computers simultaneously

    The first one should be possible through Steam’s family sharing. It basically allows you to share your library with other devices and accounts: http://store.steampowered.com/promotion/familysharing

    The second one might be possible as well but brings us into murky territory. Not sure how Steam’s EULA is on that (and Urban Games’ policy on talking about it on their forum). It relates to Steam’s offline mode.

    *edit* made links clickable

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    Regardless of preorder instructions it doesn’t change the general use of the humble store option it just doesn’t make much sense offering 2 options when they are ultimately exactly the same I was simply suggesting changing the wording or adding an option for drm free they probably have to pay or share some of the sale with humble so..  I just don’t see the point.


    wasn’t aware family sharing was out yet but to answer your question yes both playing simultaneously is how we tend to do things.

    Edit: after reading the family sharing it states that you can’t play any games while the other is playing your games even if they are different games so that doesn’t really help anyways.

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    No offence, but you have no gripe with steam, you have a gripe with paying for 2 copies for 2 people. This is how it works now, and has for about the last 8 years……

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